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Introverts unite!

Calling all introverts… (more…)

You know, the thing with always being connected…

Look Mum! It’s a real, full-length cartoon about some point that I’m trying to make! Just like in the old days!

I hope this makes sense to you. 🙂

Cover (more…)

Thoughts on a Wednesday that I really don’t have time for.

… a.k.a.: why there isn’t a cartoon today.

The short version is that I am too busy writing a Shakespeare assignment to draw Shakespeare cartoons. But that is not very interesting, is it? It’s true though and I have two assignment deadlines right now, actually. One is for the fourth and for the eighth of April. I don’t have time for having time, but I’m still writing this.

Several semi-interesting things and several not-so-cool things happened lately, so I thought I might as well write about them. So that you can be prepared in case any of them end up in cartoons in the near future.