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Fifteen years ago, to the very day

Today it is exactly 15 years since I went to school for the very first time. I can always place this date very exactly because I started school on my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She would have been 95 today, but she is dead just over four years now. So this date, the 13th of January, isn’t really important to me because I went to school, or because of my grandmother’s birthday, for I didn’t actually have much contact or a connection with her. It is important to me because it marks the anniversary of me finding out I was different.

It’s been fifteen years that I’ve known I’m weird. When you’re six years old it is a terrible revelation knowing that you will never be normal. You will never fit in. You know, when you’re little you are not aware that other people’s lives are different from yours. It was only when I went to school for the first time that I found out that other people’s parents weren’t “old”. When I got to school for the first time I found out it was not normal to have parents who were already middle-aged and grey when you are only six years and two months. I wasn’t aware how weird it was to grow up without any influence from pop-culture, to hardly watch any TV at all and to not listen to modern music. But most of all, I didn’t know how big of an issue all of this would be to the other kids. (more…)

Sliding down banisters is awesome, except…


I hope everyone had a really great weekend and that Monday is not too blue for you! I was just thinking of one of the most embarrassing moments that I ever had in school, so now I am sharing it with all of you. Would that help to make it less embarrassing? Probably not, but I’m sharing it anyway!

Here goes…

I must have been fuelled by embarrassment, I think!


Well, I guess I have to count the small blessings. I could have flashed everyone in the school, falling like that in my school dress. I could have been seriously injured from that fall. In the end, I think I got off lightly, because the only thing that really took a knock was my pride. Sure, my entire right side hurt like hell for days, but my self-confidence took rather longer to recover (I’ve never had very much of it anyway :P).


Soooooo, now the Olympics is over and I had to find more creative ways to procrastinate this weekend (I refuse to watch the track and field – too many bad memories come back). That meant that I watched way too many videos on YouTube when I should have been working. This one especially cracked me up. I couldn’t stop laughing! I just love LotR behind-the-scenes videos – it’s almost always hilarious! 😀


With that said, it now really is time to get back to work!

My athletic abilities… or, that embarrassing day…

First of all, I’d like to sincerely thank all of those of you who liked or commented on my previous post. Maybe I always appear chirpy and positive, but I am actually extremely insecure about my own writing. Many days I believe that I cannot write one word of sense. Many days I believe that I will never become a writer. So, thank you for the positive feedback. You’re helping to keep my dream alive. This means incredibly much to me, so here’s a picture of a cat to say thank you. A cat wearing a top hat. And it is indeed sitting on a mat.

Cat with a hat on a mat

It took me hours, because I’m so useless at Photoshop. Let me work in GIMP and I’ll have it done in a jiffy, but, oh my, Photoshop is hard to learn.


Now that that’s out of the way, here is this week’s cartoon!Cover

I have absolutely no athletic talent. I am completely useless at anything physical. The only kind of sport that I was vaguely good at school was the long distances running, and even that was not because I was good at it. I was just too stubborn to give in when I was tired and everybody else was super bad at it. Do not even ask me to run a block these days. That is what you get for working in the library all day.

Anyway, this is what happened the first time that I had athletics trials in school, when I had just started school.


We had to run the hundred metres and sit down beyond the finish line when we got there. I proved to be so slow that my whole group were already seated when I was still approaching the finishing line. That I had to run in the under 7 years group (the youngest possible) and I was only 6 and 2 months at that stage probably did not help, now that I think of it, because some of the other people were already 7, or almost 7.

And I had to go through this every year, because the school held trials every year, probably hoping that some late-blooming talent would reveal itself. After all, you’re only worth something to the school if you can bring in prizes. If not, just go keep yourself busy somewhere. I had to try everything: javelin – I nearly poked someone’s eye out; high-jump – I landed on the beam, ouch; long-jump – I got my shorts full of sand from skidding on my bum, but that was all; shot put – I nearly broke a toe. In the end, I concluded that I had the athletic ability of a tree.


Actually, most trees would have done better at soccer than I did. (That’s football to all you weird people.) In my final year of high school, they constantly made us play soccer for Physical Exercise.


(Most) trees do not fall over if they get hit by a soccer ball. Elana, however, proved that she does fall over when hit with a soccer ball. This is no great effort for me, as I have the ability to fall over my own feet while standing still.


This was not my only fail at soccer, however. If I ever got the ball and managed to dribble it, I quite often forgot which one was my team’s goal. But seeing that our goals were often represented by two schoolbags and a tin can, I consider it understandable that I got confused. I also sometimes forgot which people were in my team and then I passed the ball to the wrong people. Oh dear, sorry.



I also quite often ran up to the ball, meaning to kick it and then completely missing it, running right past it and kicking empty air. Clearly, I have no aim.



But the best fail-moment of all… Oh, that embarrassing day…

I’ll let the pictures speak for me:


Yes, I tried kicking the ball, actually aiming straight this time, and ended tripping over it. Ouch. It was my class’s entertainment for the day. The girl who could trip over a soccer ball. It’s like the new version of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Winking smile

Now it is rather funny, but it really wasn’t funny when it happened. Ah well, that’s what school is for, isn’t it? Making embarrassing memories that you can laugh about in a few years’ time.


And… that’s my story for today.

Tomorrow I’m finally going to go see The Hunger Games. I know, I’m the last person in the world on the bandwagon. Anyway, when I checked before release to see when it was coming out, I saw that it was rated 16 for violence. And I was thinking that simply meant that my 15-year-old-face and I were going to have trouble at the ticket office again. As usual. They always give me trouble. Why would I ask for an adult ticket if I was a teenager? So that I could pay more? Not likely. One of these days, if they doubt my age again, I should just toss my driver’s license on the counter and say “Read my birthdate. Read it!” Um… what I meant to say was that I see the rating has now been dropped to only 13V. Hopefully, they won’t give me trouble now, but then again, I’d believe anything.



The advantage of having strange things happening to you…

Status update: My feet hurt. I didn’t even know you could get blisters on your foot soles. Well, until I got them, obviously.
Eating: Nothin’.
Drinking: Nothin’!
Listening: “The Last Dragon Slayer” – DragonHeart soundtrack ~ Randy Edelman
Reading: “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” ~ James Joyce. Yes, still this one. Actually I’m reading several books at the same time at the moment – such is your fate if you wish to study literature.


… is that you then have more interesting things to blog about!


Hello, readers. Now that the threat of Traitor Bill has successfully been averted, perhaps I can again do the kinds of posts that I signed up to do.

I was planning to make this a complicated post with an intricate plot and lots of drawings, but then I decided, why not keep it simple?


This happened to me at school, when I was probably about 16 years old…


I was walking along next to the building. Over my head was the science-floor and next to me the biology-classes. The corridors were open, which meant that there were like railings on the open sides of the corridors to keep people from jumping. Okay. So, I was on the ground-floor, and there was one of these balcony-corridors just over my head:

Milk carton


Then, suddenly…

Milk carton2

A carton of milk came flying over the railings from the floor above!


Milk carton3

Splat! Yeah. It narrowly missed me, only to splat on the ground. Now, argue: isn’t that the most random thing ever to seen thrown about at school?!


I swear honest-to-goodness that this really happened. Would I lie to make up for lack of things to blog about? Well, maybe I would. But I’m not making things up now! Promise!

And I still don’t know what anyone was doing with a carton of milk on the science floor, much less throwing it over the railings.


What kind of unexpected, memorable things happened to you at school? No, your boyfriend does not count as unexpected. Winking smile


I hope I never run of these kind of anecdotes to blog about! Well, I do have quite a store, luckily. And I could always tell you about that time I fell off the hand railing…


I hope y’all have a great week, and check back next week!




PS. This made me laugh so much just now! Nerd smile