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What are you reading?

So you can apparently tell a lot about a person from the kind of books they like to read. According to studies, people who like biographies are different – personality-wise – from people who like fantasy and people who like historical fiction are different from people who enjoy romance. I wouldn’t know if that is actually true, but I do know you can tell my mood and state of mind from what I like to read at a specific moment in time.




Reading surprises

Sometimes, reviewing your old reading habits can surprise you. Sometimes you’ve forgotten about books you used to love, or sometimes you come across a book again and you can’t believe that you used to love it.

Or then, sometimes, just your actual reading statistics can surprise you.

In the beginning of the year, I was looking at my “year in books” on Goodreads. It was pretty normal stuff… number of books read: close on 60… I knew I hadn’t entered every single book I read during the year (especially not those I reread for the fifth time), but it’s a fairly accurate statistic. I take my Goodreads very seriously.

Then I clicked on “number of pages read” and things changed… (more…)

So this is the promised status update

I’m home now. Back from holiday, perhaps a little more cynical (just like I always feel after a holiday) and hopefully a little more rested. I hope that I will be able to say that I am also now a little more psychologically stable. But let me start at the beginning. I’ve been very quiet for a while, so I feel that I owe this blog a proper update.

To break up this extremely text-heavy post, I will add some of my photos. Not all of them recent, but all of them mine. 🙂


Book review: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Several posts ago (I’m not going to go look for the one in question now) I stated my intention to pick a random book to read during Easter Break. I was feeling bored with everything I was reading and I thought that it would be a good way to break out of this reading lethargy. You know, I stick to my accustomed-to shelves pretty religiously. Fantasy, sci-fi to a lesser extent, some historical novels that preferably do not consist only of smut, YA occasionally and all of the millions of classical and renaissance works that I have to read for class. So I was going to ignore those shelves when looking for something new to read and look for something outside of my comfort zone. And boy, am I glad I did.


Book review: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Here is my review of A Game of Thrones. Last week I asked if you would like me to review American Gods, AGoT or something else. Beth said she would like to read this one, so here goes.

Click to view on Goodreads.

A Game of Thrones is a huge novel and the first part of an even larger series (A Song of Ice and Fire). The HBO show is Game of Thrones, but I haven’t watched that yet, so I can’t say anything about it, except that what I’ve seen on Tumblr looks great. If you’ve read my blog during December and January, you probably already know that I loved this novel. So if that’s no secret, let’s get right down to the composition of this book. I tried to make this a proper review with headings and neat little paragraphs. I’ve got a reputation as a real English student to uphold these days, after all… 😉


A long note and a short essay

Hi. I have been absent from the blog again. I had so been hoping to post regularly again, but the mundane had other plans. Simply put, my internet died. This time it was not me hitting the data cap, or some inexplicable internet silence that lasts some hours. It died, well and properly. It did not go down like a hero, fighting until the last, but I can only hope that it will have some characteristics of the archetypal, ever-renewed hero who will rise again when need is greatest. Now I can only wonder how long still before my need is greatest… It’s been a whole week. I am growing more and more bored and frustrated. Yes, I know I am addicted to the internet to a certain degree. I also know that I can live without it, but that I don’t want to. I am alone most of the time and though I am happy to be that way, the internet has taught me what community is and to have that torn away from you… (more…)