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NaNoWriMo: week 3 is the hardest

Hi. I do NaNoWriMo. I’m behind again on my word count. I’m losing momentum, and I got Week Three blues rather badly. Writer’s block is when your invisible friends won’t talk to you, right? Yes, that is what is happening right now. But now we’re into Week Four, going down the homestretch and the end is in sight. Am I supposed to be more cheerful now? I’ll try. I experienced the same thing last time. Weeks 1 and 3 are the worse. In 1, because you are wondering “why am I doing this?” and “what am I actually going to do if I’m doing this for reals?” And in 3, simply because you are starting to run out of steam and the end seems too far.

The other thing is, I would like you, my dear reader, to vote in my poll, down below. Please scroll down – it’ll only take a minute and hardly any of your brain power! Smile

I’ll really appreciate it! Thank you! Red heart

The weather right now is not helping at all. It’s supposed to be baking – it’s November, it’s summer, but instead I froze under a blanket all day. Two days ago, you could not breathe for humidity, but then last night the heavens opened and the little stream not 200m from our house completely burst its banks and took everything that it could reach (no people at least, apparently) along with it, including rather large boulders. Likely it wants them to bash people over the head with. Anyway, I hate weather like this, because it just wants to make me sulk in bed all day, but I still have more than 13,000 words to go for that novel, I have a 1000-word assignment to do for Friday (it looks like a lot right now, that I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about isn’t helping) and I write my last exam for the year also on Friday morning. Then I’m done with Second Year! I just have to pass French… somehow… Smile with tongue out

Righto! I can do this, can’t I? Most things are salvageable in NaNoWriMo. My motto for last time (which went much worse than this time round) was:

NaNo motto

It is still relevant. I’m far too stubborn and proud to lose. Because then I would have to admit failure.

Okie-dokie, seeing that I have already run out of both things to say and time, how does an excerpt sound?

After the important passengers had disembarked, this man also starting moving towards the gangplank. Abrielle fell in behind him, deciding to follow him a little way to perhaps learn a little more of his story. They stood at the top of the gangplank, waiting for some of the sweating sailors to finish manhandling a heavy sea chest down the gangplank. Then the man walked down the gangplank, cradling his bundle, Abrielle walking in his steps. Once on the quay, the man turned around and around on the spot, apparently looking for someone.

He scanned the heads of the crowd and stretched his neck, trying to see farther. But still he did not find who or what he was looking for. He turned around again, but still nothing. Within moments, he was surrounded by the merchants chanting about their wares. He shook his head at all of them, but as some of them gave up and left, more came up and took their place. Quite a lot of them walked right through Abrielle, apparently not even feeling it in the press of the other crowds.

The sun was westering, and in the golden evening light, most of the merchants gave up on the strange man and left him alone. He still stood on the quay. The sun etched his profile in dark lines. He simply stood looking at the people. Then, with a visible sigh and sagging of the shoulders, he gave up with his fruitless scanning of the crowds. He set off towards the distant houses, beyond the stalls, walking slowly, dejectedly. Abrielle watched him go, not following him any more.

Then she started wondering about this man’s story. Who had he been waiting for? Why had that person never come? What could have happened? Had there simply been a misunderstanding, with months on the sea separating them and leading to a confusion of dates and times? Or had something more serious happened? Death? Illness? Rejection?

Around her, parrots screeched and merchants were still shouting about their wares. There was even a man who was blowing on a flute to a snake that was swaying on the lower part of its body, but it all became background buzz to Abrielle. Suddenly, all she could think of was the unfinished story of this man. This man who had come home after a long journey on the sea, clutching a precious bundle all wrapped up in cloth, but the person who had promised to be here when he landed did not appear. She wondered whether his story would still have a happy ending, or whether only sad news awaited him. But now she would never know.

© All rights reserved. ElanaE. 2011.


A Poll

So, this is something that has been on my mind for a while… I have actually contemplated this before starting up this blog. I want to make origami tutorials. Yes, right, I write how-to articles on in over on wikiHow, but not every tool that I want to use to do this is allowed / possible to code over there. And some of the stuff I am not sure about the copyright. I have asked there before, but no-one could give me a definite answer and I don’t want to break laws on a site with strong copyright rules and a reputation like wikiHow.

So. The Point.

In this upcoming holiday, I’m continuing to live the dream (first NaNoWriMo and now origami) and I am going to start with origami tutorials. But I want to know from you should I create a new blog and do it there, or should I just make a separate page and category for them over here?
Naturally, wherever I end up doing it, I will link to the new tutorials in my regular posts and cartoons (soon, I promise) over here.

Will the extra, off-topic stuff make this blog too chaotic? Will a new blog leave my poor tutorials lost in cyberspace?

What do YOU think?

Vote here! It’s easy: just click Start a separate blog, or Keep it all together.
(And if you don’t vote, then I’m just gonna do what I want, and you’re not allowed to complain later. Right? This is democracy.)


I made this. It’s generally applicable to girls, I guess. I don’t much know what goes on in guys’ heads when they watch these kind of ads.


Now I’ll be off. Enough procrastinating for one day! (Yeah, right. Famous last words!)


Both images come from Chibird @ Tumblr. Check it out – her stuff is awesome!

I’m hovering between stages 4 and 5, right now, by the way.


A NaNoWriMo vlog


I thought it would be faster to do a vlog than to type everything that I wanted to say. FYI: wrong! It took just as long, because I had to edit out all the bloopers. But anyway, here it is. I think it is the most boring video ever, as I’m super tired (dark circles *cough cough*) and basically don’t have energy to breathe, much less be an exciting presenter! And I’m a boring speaker under any circumstances!

I hope my voice/accent does not scare people off!

PS. Please tell me if the video is playing double. I thought I caught that and fixed it (stupid YouTube), but let me know if it is still happening!

Also, check out my new page, linked up there under the header: “My Bucket List”.

The Village [creative writing]

Hey! I’m here! I’m still blogging!

Today’s fare is a snippet that I wrote on Sometimes when I just can’t decide what I could ramble on about for the length of 750 words (You should know by now that I’m good at rambling!), I look me up a picture somewhere on the internet, and then write a story based on that.

So one of them appears here today. The edited version of course! (I’m looking at you, Idiotphotographer! Winking smile) Keep in mind that it’s just a snippet of whatever I thought up when looking at the picture, that’s why is appears to be the middle part of something with no proper introduction or end. It also has a bit of a tense-identity crisis. But I thought it seems to work that way,


I’ll try my best to blog next week, firstly because it’s Hallowe’en, and I can’t not do something for it, can I? And secondly because I have some news to share! Stay tuned and see you then!

Enjoy! Nerd smile


Original artist: Lukas Jevcak. All copyrights belong to original artist.

The world glowed through the mouth of the cave. After the dead blackness I had grown used to inside, nothing had ever looked so bright to my eyes. As I looked at it, it seemed to positively glow in shades of blue and purple. I looked upwards towards the top of the cave mouth where the purple rays of the sun curled around the lip of rock – almost like a halo. Oh, the glorious sun! My eyes swept lower down and I saw that the sea beat against the rocks down there. The light fell and sparkled on the ripples, sending blue hues of light to dance against the cliff wall. How long had I been wandering in the darkness? Days, maybe? I really could not say. There was no definite way for me to tell the passage of time when I was lost in the dark. But all that I definitely could say is that this is certainly not the place where I went into the caves. Some transition of time and place had definitely taken place since last I saw the light. In fact, I had been wandering in the dark for so long that it was beginning to play tricks on my mind. I began to wonder if there really was something such as time, for if there was, I reasoned, I should not be able to lose track of it so easily and not be able to tell where in it I was, or how much of it has passed me by. But there is no explanation for Time really, I think. I went into a cave in some high sandstone cliffs, and there I wandered, lightless, foodless, hopeless… And now I stood over a village, looking down on it from high up on another cliff. It was winter. The ground was snowed over, the air freezing. It was most definitely not winter where I went in. Where was I? How far had I come to emerge into another world?


I have never seen such colours before. Or maybe I just never noticed how bright the world is. Everything contrasts so beautifully with everything else. Far below my feet, the sea crashes against cliffs made from black rock. It foams and makes spray that flies up high into the air and turns to mist as it reaches its zenith and blows away in the icy breeze. I could see some frozen-over steps leading up from the tiny jetty, up the cliff and away from the dark ocean. There were lights burning in the windows of some of the rough houses that made up the village. These yellow splashes of colour bled to my exposed, bleary gaze and it fills my vision. It seemed to spread across the cold white snow and warms up everything around me. The largest of the houses is apparently an inn, to judge by its many windows. There are icicles hanging from its roof, and for a moment I wondered tiredly why they did not melt in the face of the fire, not thinking that the candles were all behind glass on the windowsills and that the air was bitterly cold compared to the power of the little heat generated by candles.


I studied the village. It was built up a slight slope, with a large building on its summit. This one was not built as crudely as the huts, but appeared to have been lovingly made to last. Just before this building, and framed by one of its great arches, burned a powerful flame on a pillar of stone. The pillar put me in mind of cenotaph monuments and at its peak this great flame pointed proudly towards the sky, burning away the ice and the cold, it seemed to me… it seemed as though it was growing rapidly in size… it expanded horizontally… and reached almost to my feet. I saw ice running into water, huge chunks of ice falling… falling into the sea with a splash. Then I blinked and snapped out of the vision. The flame returned to its normal size. It sent up a pillar of dark smoke that contrasted against the white mountains behind it and beyond the village. Yes, there was still true beauty in life, I thought. The frozen fir trees with their hard, white limbs. The houses with icicles hanging from the thatch. The glowing yellow windows contrasting against the white snow. The crashing, booming ocean. And, finally, the grand building up on the hill, with its impressive architecture and the harsh white mountains behind it, all framed by the edge of my dark cave mouth…

I took a deep breath before starting down.



There’s someone I’d like you to meet…

Status update: I’ve been procrastinating all day. But what I’ve really been doing, I don’t even know. I did bake cupcakes today, however. And I still have to read 400 pages of a very confusing book before Monday. Great?
Eating: Still nothing! Sad smile Foooood?

Drinking: Tea.

Listening: “A Magnificent Journey” – Denny Schneidemesser (This man has a name you can strangle someone with. And it’s a nightmare to type. I just went and checked and I managed to spell it right first time, for once. Yee-hay!)
Reading: “Nostromo”. (I have to, okay?! It’s a prescribed work, and we’re writing test on it. Please don’t judge me!)


This is a rather strange post. It is somewhere between a teaser-post of things to come and a making-up-space-post. Ah well. Read it and decide for yourself whether I should rather just stop blogging right now, or if I am onto something here.


Now. I said there was someone I’d like you to meet. Here he is:

He is an origami pigeon. But he looks more like a chicken to me. The poor thing has a bit of an identity crisis. And yes, I did make him. That means I am his creator, and he should worship me. Mwhahaha!

Ahem. He lives on my desk. And he may play some part in my future blog posts, which is why I am introducing him to you now. I used to have a Pacman-type origami character which I also made. He was dubbed Vincent, but seeing that Vincent has now gone to the great big recycling bin in the sky, Bill has now become my companion.


Now, about the things to come. I am working on a blog post about… my failed driving license test. Just to tease you:

Me & Cartoon car front

I cannot promise next week, but I’ll try and get it done as soon as possible! So check back to see it!


Finally, Bill wants to say something. Over to you, buddy!


Hi guys. It is nice to meet y’all! My, my… you all look heaps interestin!

But nevermind that… I just wanna tell you guys that I’ll be writing ye sometin every now and then. Elana just don’t know it yet, but what I actually wanna do is tell you guys stuff about her that ye would never’ve guessed. Don’t tell her, but I’m gonna embarrass her!

Talk soon!



Did I tell you I made cupcakes today? Hmm, well yes, I did. Anyway, yummy! Here’s one for you as well: Birthday cake Oh no, wait, that’s a birthday cake. Well, just pretend it was a cupcake, okay? Rolling on the floor laughing


Rainbow ~ Elana