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Shakespeare cartoonified – The Merchant of Venice: part 3

So here is part three of The Merchant of Venice. This entry takes us through a large part of Act II and almost to the end of Act III. If you want to recap before reading, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

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Shakespeare cartoonified – The Merchant of Venice: part 2

Hey everyone!

So, after a longer-than-expected silence, here is part two of The Merchant of Venice in cartoon form.

If you’ve completely forgotten what happened in part one (I know I have), you can go recap right now.


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Shakespeare cartoonified – The Merchant of Venice: Part 1

I know many people hate Shakespeare and that they have had bad experiences with it in school. But, you know, Shakespeare really isn’t all that bad. I’m very fond of Shakespearian plays myself, and as I have to write a paper on Shakespearian comedy at the moment, I thought I’d turn work into play and cartoonify The Merchant of Venice. (The cartoon isn’t part of the paper. That would have been a wonderful opportunity though! I’m studying the devices used in the play.)

So here is my retelling of Merchant. I hope you like it and that I can share my enjoyment of the comedy with you in this series of cartoons. (Also, I did not mean for Lorenzo to come out having Draco Malfoy hair. That kind of just happened.)