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Quote Saturday: Materialism leads to grief



Quote Saturday: Darkness fell

Darkness fell

Books read in January


Two long overdue reads, as well as reading plans for 2015.



Quote Saturday: Do what you can. Build a better world.

Do what is in your power

Books read in October


A return to old-fashioned fantasy after the bleak reality of war, nightmares and dystopia of the last couple of months.


Beginnings are very important. So are endings, but the most important thing is to begin.

The title is something that I have come realise afresh over the past two weeks. If you want something to begin, then you should work on that. With no action from you, there will be no beginning.

On a related note, I know some of you wanted a report on what is going on with my creative writing and anxieties about sharing it with my class. So, here, have a report.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate and writing (and procrastination). That is my life right now.

Indeed, I have turned into that person who takes photos of her drinks and then shares them with everyone. (more…)