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It is essential to your health that you read this

Well, no. Maybe not as bad as all that. Maybe not essential-essential. Maybe not pivotal… also, I think its crux has gone missing somewhere. But hopefully you will laugh –- and that will be good for your health.

Besides, I got your attention with that title, didn’t I? Winking smile



Status update: I’ve been sick for most of this week. All this means is that I go even crazier and write even more nonsensical nonsense than usual.
Eating: Cookie!
Drinking: Water
Listening: “Kingdom of Avilion” – Jo Blankenburg
Reading: “Making Money” – Terry Pratchett



Everybody knows the truism that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But has anyone ever thought that this saying sounds rather senseless? Of course everyone knows that it means that if you eat an apple everyday, it will keep you healthy, and therefore the doctor will not need to come out. But why don’t you just go and say that then? Why dress it up in obscure semantics – do you want people to be able to draw some extra meanings and mind-pictures out of there? Do you want creative misunderstandings?

In other words, do you want me to play with your saying?



I present to you…



(Apparently fruit-drawing is not my strong point… Please excuse!)



Well, I suppose it could work, but it would work even better if you got some of your buddies together to help you throw.










Eat your apples folks! Eat one for me too, willya? I cannot eat them – my jaw is formed wrong for that and it means I cannot bite into an apple. I suppose that also means I will never make a good vampire… And to get a knife and cut it into pieces (the apple, not the vampire) is just too much to bother with for something that does not even taste that good to me.




Hope you all enjoyed reading it, and…

C’ya next week!