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The night before Christmas


With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. (more…)

Disillusionment and perspective

Summer holidays


So this is the promised status update

I’m home now. Back from holiday, perhaps a little more cynical (just like I always feel after a holiday) and hopefully a little more rested. I hope that I will be able to say that I am also now a little more psychologically stable. But let me start at the beginning. I’ve been very quiet for a while, so I feel that I owe this blog a proper update.

To break up this extremely text-heavy post, I will add some of my photos. Not all of them recent, but all of them mine. šŸ™‚


How I spend time while on holiday

Before I post any more Shakespeare adaptations (which sound suspiciously like work at the moment), I decided to demonstrate how I am spending my time at the moment while I am on holiday.

Cover (more…)

Capturing December Days 21-31 and 2012 in review

Here follows the final batch from the “Capturing December” challenge and then someĀ reminiscenceĀ about the year 2012.

December challenge3 (more…)

Capturing December: Days 11-20

And… here is the follow-up to my first set of pictures of December! Enjoy!



December challenge2 (more…)