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You might have noticed that I haven’t been around to post or reply to comments. The reason for this is that my laptop’s hard drive died suddenly and without warning of any kind. One moment I was just casually browsing and the next my screen was covered with an error message.

That was 10 days ago.

So I’m announcing a blog hiatus and I don’t know how long it will last. Even if I get my laptop back tomorrow there will not be a post next week. I don’t know yet how much data I’m going to lose. My laptop might just come back to me wiped blank of nearly five years of work and I don’t have any complete backups.

Fingers crossed,


Error: Please try again later


Cue the sad music… (Here is some, if you don’t have any.)

No cartoon available due to missing cartoonist.


A long note and a short essay

Hi. I have been absent from the blog again. I had so been hoping to post regularly again, but the mundane had other plans. Simply put, my internet died. This time it was not me hitting the data cap, or some inexplicable internet silence that lasts some hours. It died, well and properly. It did not go down like a hero, fighting until the last, but I can only hope that it will have some characteristics of the archetypal, ever-renewed hero who will rise again when need is greatest. Now I can only wonder how long still before my need is greatest… It’s been a whole week. I am growing more and more bored and frustrated. Yes, I know I am addicted to the internet to a certain degree. I also know that I can live without it, but that I don’t want to. I am alone most of the time and though I am happy to be that way, the internet has taught me what community is and to have that torn away from you… (more…)