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The Five Emotional Stages of Finding Employment

So, this happened.

I promise, this is the last time I’ll talk about this. Anyway, there’s no more need to talk about this. It’s all over now.

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Old news, a new year and new news.

Let’s see. I don’t even know where to start. This post just got put off more and more until I’m not sure what the point of it was any more. I wanted to get back into the swing of things, but the problem is I’m not sure where the swing has got to in the time I’ve been out of the blogging loop. Right now I feel like this swing is on one of those merry-go-round things where they strap you into the swing and then start spinning you around faster and faster until you’re flying almost straight out. *rapid blinking* Okay, that was an overly-extended metaphor.

Let’s start again. More rationally this time (hopefully!). (more…)

Beginnings are very important. So are endings, but the most important thing is to begin.

The title is something that I have come realise afresh over the past two weeks. If you want something to begin, then you should work on that. With no action from you, there will be no beginning.

On a related note, I know some of you wanted a report on what is going on with my creative writing and anxieties about sharing it with my class. So, here, have a report.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate and writing (and procrastination). That is my life right now.

Indeed, I have turned into that person who takes photos of her drinks and then shares them with everyone. (more…)

One for the history books

That’s my history book, not yours! 😛

I meant to post this yesterday, actually, but my stupid internet died.

Anyway, yesterday, the 29th of November, is a day to go down in my history book. Why? Here’s a bulleted list of reasons. Everyone likes bulleted lists, don’t they?

  • Yesterday I handed in one play review. As if going to the theatre and watching a play and then reviewing it was something I had time for this month. That wasn’t such a pain, it was more of a nuisance and a waste of time. I’m not a journalism or drama student, why do I get play reviews as assignments? So I went to the theatre alone last week, for the first time in my life. People gave me weird looks. They were probably wondering what a young girl (I look about 16, remember?) was doing there all alone. Maybe they thought I was waiting for a boyfriend who never pitched…
  • Yesterday I handed in one research essay. 3000 words. The longest one I’ve ever written. Possibly it was also the most painful one I’d ever had to write. I always struggle with research essays, not because I can’t write them (I generally do quite well in them), but because I am so attention deficient. And I don’t do well on computers with my attention deficiency. Seriously with the amount of time that I spent playing FreeCell, Spider Solitaire and Angry Birds instead of working this past week, I could have won NaNoWriMo in 20 days and finished three research papers. These days, I turn off my laptop’s Wi-Fi access when I’m trying to work, but unfortunately none of those three games need internet access. Anyway, I always struggle with the temptations and distractions when trying to work, but it has never been as bad as this past week. My motivation to do anything academic related has been 0% for a while now and trying to study for my last paper and finish that freakin’ essay in that state… I’ve used a few more choice words at it the last few days. (more…)

Happy Bloggiversary to… uh, me!

Today this blog is one year old! Yay!

So how about right now for a time to go down memory lane?

Today one year ago, I wrote my first post on here about how much I hated that security gate in the library. I still hate that security gate, but it’s a new one now, so it hasn’t given me problems yet. That doesn’t stop me from feeling nervous every time I have to walk through it.

I wrote and drew that very first post when I should have been studying for a test. But I decided that this was way more fun. (I failed that test by the way.) My habits in blogging have not changed much in a year. Actually I should be sleeping at the moment. 😉

I didn’t get any views on the blog that day, but the next day I got two. Goodness knows where those two came from. I didn’t get any comments either, until I asked my friend to come and read. Now I have neither shortage of commenters or viewers. Everyday this still amazes me. This blog started as a little diversion, a little cure for boredom and a big factor in procrastination. Now just look how it has grown. Today, it lies at over 52,000 hits all time. And hundreds upon hundreds of comments.

The day that I signed up for my WordPress account (my old account, for my previous blog), I said to myself, while viewing the homepage: one day I want to write something that will end up on here as well. A girl can dream, can’t she? 😛 But it proved to be more than a dream, because on 17 January this year my blog was indeed Freshly Pressed. When it was only 7 months old. I was so completely overwhelmed by this. The reaction, the comments, the stats going haywire… I didn’t know how to handle this dream come true. But is it not often like this? You dream and dream, but when it becomes reality, it scares you. This happened to me when going to  university for the first time. I’d dreamt of going for years, but when I finally got there, I was scared stiff. By evening, I was sick from nerves. The same thing happened with FP. I was scared stiff by the email notifications streaming in about one or two per minute. I didn’t know what to do with it all!

Fun fact:

This blog started off under the name “Cartoon Dramas”, the same as the URL. It was only for cartoons. I was not interested at that stage in publishing any of my creative writing on it, because I knew what a commitment that was. But then… I started following Mara’s blog ( At that time, she ran Weekly Writing Challenges. I wanted to participate, so I needed to publish a story on my blog. So I did. And later decided to change my blog name to suit the new content. Today… I pretty much blog beyond the content designated by the title all the time. Like now. And last time. This state of affairs will probably still be continuing for a while, because exams start next week. Of course, I cannot escape without a nasty timetable either. I write three papers in one week. Most excellent.

So I’m sorry for the lack of cartoons. Or, for that matter any kind of content. I have just finished with my assignments for this semester (and, my word, it was an extravaganza) and handed in the last of the little bastards today. Next week, exams start. I don’t think I will be around much for a while then. I would have queued posts so that the blog could keep running, but I didn’t have time to make any. Heck, I didn’t even finish drawing this week’s cartoon, and I really wanted to. It was a good one, I thought, but it will just have to wait. That’s something to look forward to.

Well, well, this was a strange post for me. The shortage of visuals and whatnot… I’m not quite used to this Just Writing. And… I think I just forgot what I was going to say. That just shows you what my concentration levels are like at the end of a semester. I think I should just stop now with this post, before it all goes completely down the drain.

Oh yes, just one more thing. Seeing that the blog is now one y/o and everything… Can y’all please complete this poll? Especially if you’re a regular reader, I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not going to do anything with this info – it’s just for me. I’m just interested in finding out where my readership lies. From the comments, I’m getting the idea that it is in the younger generation… but you can never really tell. Thanks in advance! 😀

PS. I celebrated my bloggiversary by downloading a million (okay, about 70) Lord of the Rings screencaps. For… you know… making graphics once the exams are over. 😉

Gah… I want to do a vlog again. Actually I should, seeing that I still have a few announcements and things to make. I’ll have to see what I can do.

Expect me when you see me!


Well, hello blog. Yes, I am still alive.


Kreativ blogger


Remember that I said I still have to acknowledge all of the people who are far too good to me and decided to honour me with awards? No? Well, it has been far too long ago. Anyway, whether you remembered and anticipated or not, this is that post. Yes, just like that.

First up, the Versatile Blogger Award. (Which I keep referring to as the Awesome Blogger Award and then embarrassing myself.) After Freshly Pressed, three people decided to overwhelm honour me with this award. However, as I’ve said before, I received this award once before and it feels too odd to do the whole acceptance post-thingie all over again (also, I’m lazy), so you can just go and read my gushing post of last year. However, I am very grateful to those three people, Char, Yoongz and Showard76, for thinking of me and I thank you all humbly.


Secondly, and last for this post, at least… The Kreativ Blogger Award, awarded to me by Justin Kirby. Thank you so very much!

So now, the rules:

1) Thank the blogger who presented you with the award.


2) Post a photo of the award.
Oooohkay. Let’s Google it:
Kreativ blogger

Oh! I like that wallpaper! It looks almost like fleur-de-lis. Or some heavily stylised plant anyway!


3) Share ten things about yourself readers don’t know.
Darn it. Right. Okay.

Char helped me out again a little here, by giving me some questions to answer in my last post. (I tell you, she’s far too good to me!) Thanks, it helped a lot!

1–What are you majoring in?
Pure languages. Winking smile My personal focus is on English editing, because that is what I want to be when I grow up (Why do I keep on using that expression? I’m 20, for cat’s sake!) – an editor. Well, actually I want to be a writer, but I need a day job as well!

2–What food disgusts you?
Ugh… my mother would tell you in detail what a picky eater I am. I don’t think I’m that bad, but there are still some things that I refuse to eat. Tomatoes are one of them. But the chief thing that I cannot believe how people can eat it is offal. Oh goodness no, the smell alone is enough to send me running for the hills. Blergh!

3–What’ the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Fie, fi, fo, fum, fo, I don’t know. When I was 14, my father had a heart attack. That scared me badly and I had to grow up fast, but it could not beat what would happen later. In the subsequent years he had several illnesses. When I was 18 and writing my final exams at the end of high school he was in hospital again. He had a bad reaction to the intravenous antibiotics and spent a very bad night. The next morning, when I had to leave for school to write History, it was still too early to call the ward to hear how he was. So I had to go without news until the afternoon. Actually, I was pretty convinced that he was dead, that’s how bad he’d looked the previous evening. I’ve never been so scared before.
(He’s fine now, by the way.)

*puts on thinking cap*

4. I’m a teetotaller and have been one since I was about 16. No, I did not have a drinking problem before. Smile with tongue out

5. I had braces when I was 13-14. Some of my teeth are still crooked, but at least it’s better than it was before!

6. I recently made this key ring and I’m very proud of it!

7. I’m counting the days until the release of the Hobbit-movie. Ack, it’s still over 200 days. So far! Such torture!

8. I own 16 of the Discworld-series stories by Sir Terry Pratchett. (16/39 – yay!) Well, actually it’s 15 books, because my first two stories are in the omnibus edition.

9. I still have some of my soft toys that date from my childhood on my bed. I’m not getting rid of them, whatever anyone says – they’re way too much a part of me.

10. Measured from the top of my head, my hair is about 12 inches (30 cm) long.


Bleiighdsfo, why was that so hard?! I’d rather talk about books than about myself.


4) Choose six people to present this award to.
Let’s pretend I cannot count…

  • – I’d like to pass this on to Charissa to say thank you for all the comments and also great blog!
  • – I really enjoyed their latest post about inner nerds. I could so identify with it, and also the rest of this “kreativ” blog.
  • – I think it is pretty obvious why I would like this blog. If this is not creativity…
  • – This is because I can. And also because I admire Mara’s ability to reinvent her blog in new and creative ways.
  • – There is something about Erika’s blog that simply draws me. Talk about being creative about food, exercise and teenage life!

Well… I did better than last time! See? Come comment and I’m going to consider your blog for merit. Now you know how to get your blog nominated for awards! Winking smile

5) Let the six bloggers know they have won!
Check! Now I’m officially going to be outed as a stalker! Winking smile


And that wraps this humongous rambling post up! I’ll try to be back soon with some drawings, but until then: keep safe everyone and be creative!


PS. This was my table in the library today. Thought you’d enjoy the amount of thick books that just suddenly materialised on it.


Now I’m going to go break my head over some more Middle English. (Not really. I’m probably going to go to sleep.)


10,000 Thank You’s

Hey guys! Great news!

Cartoons and Creative Writing just hit 10,000 hits today! (No pun intended.) This is something that I have dreamed of for a long time, but I had no idea how soon it would happen. Fact: my previous blog is still only at 1,300 views, even though it is a year and a half old. I stopped posting on it a year ago now. This blog is… 226 days old. That is, if the site that did the math for me is correct. That is 7 and 1/2 months. There are 33 posts (this is the 34th). The average per day is 44 views. The current average is quite a bit higher, of course. Close to double in fact. But the starts of this blog had a lot of bumps and hiccups in the works!

Right. Enough with the statistics. We all know I know how to read my blogging dashboard. (Really, Google Chrome, you are allowed to grow up now and stop underlining “blog” and “blogging” in red for me. Those are accepted words, you know.)

The French have a saying that they use when “Thank you very much” just doesn’t seem to cut it. They then say “mille merci”, which, obviously, means: “A thousand thank you’s.” Today, I would like to modify this a little and extend 10,000 thank you’s. One for every view of my blog. Like I said in my last post, all the statistics mean nothing without the readers. So here is my big

Thank You

from my least misanthropic persona, which does sometimes win the battle and come to the front.

I feel so grateful for everything right now.

I’ll be back soon with more making fun of the idiocy of the English language!