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The night before Christmas


With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. (more…)

Capturing December Days 21-31 and 2012 in review

Here follows the final batch from the “Capturing December” challenge and then some reminiscence about the year 2012.

December challenge3 (more…)

New origami tutorials

The new origami tutorial is up! Yes, after months of silence, TutOrigami is back in business!


The first post is my own tutorial, How to Fold an Origami Envelope. Just click on the picture below to go directly to the tutorial.


Capturing December: Days 11-20

And… here is the follow-up to my first set of pictures of December! Enjoy!



December challenge2 (more…)

Merry Christmas! Also, a downloadable, printable Christmas present for you!

Hi everyone! So, remember that I promised to release a Christmas gift that will be free for download to everyone that reads my blog? Right. So, that will be available shortly, only Adobe is being ridiculous right now, and I will update as soon as it is available.

UPDATED! See below! 😀


In the mean time, Merry Christmas from my new book and I!


Yes, that is the one that I spoke about in my last post. Also, check out my festive nail polish! Smile


Here is also a Christmas quote that I decorated:Christmas1

I decided on the calm colour scheme, because that is supposed to mirror the peace of the day.

Right, I’ll be back soon!




The gift is available for download!

All you need to do is go to my sidebar, —>

to the Box widget, directly underneath the About C&C-thing. And then you can download it right there by clicking on the icon labelled “Discworld”.


Now you are asking what is it, right? Well, it is a calendar, made by yours truly. Not much to see of my usual cartoons, but instead it is my compilation of the wit and wisdom of the Discworld-series of books by Sir Terry Pratchett. As you should know by now, Pratchett is one of my absolute favourite authors and I just love collecting quotes from his series. It is characterised by being witty and humorous, but also by having a sting in the tail – a little social consciousness. So, if you love his work, like me, or if you just want to check it out for yourself, go and collect this calendar for yourself, just in time for the new year!

And before you ask again, yes, this is completely free. Why? Well, obviously I could have asked money for it, and maybe I would even have made a little something from a project like this. Firstly, I don’t have access to receiving, or paying, money online. So that kind of handicaps me. And secondly, I love a free download just as much as anyone else, especially at Christmas time. Enjoy it – it is obligation free, though I would love it if you left me a comment if you do download it. I’d love to hear what you think!


Okay… the details…

Here’s a little preview of what you will find inside:

It consist of 13 pages: one for each month, plus the cover. Each page is slightly smaller than A4 landscape size – I thought a little white-space could be handy if you wanted to hole-punch it or something. It comes as a single PDF-format download of about 5MB. Each page has, on average, two Discworld quotes, and also two drawings of Discworld paraphernalia. Like the Luggage, there above. What would the Discworld be without the Luggage? Oh yes, and it comes on a background of distressed paper. All the wit must have upset it… 😛


I hope you enjoy this, oh, and tell your friends, if you like! 🙂 Happy Christmas (what’s left of it, in certain parts of the world)!

What the holiday season means to me

I just remembered that I still had a blog…


Me in the holiday season


I’m not much good at excitement anyway, and there is nothing about the “Christmas spirit” that makes me really excited. Too old, I guess… Ha! 😉 The actual reason is that my family doesn’t go in for Christmas that much. The younger generation obviously yes, but the rest of us just tend to get on with it. Our Christmas generally consists of avoiding the shops, getting annoyed at all the Christmas commercials and complaining about consumerism and materialism… and going to church on Christmas Day. Which already makes us odd. I don’t know many people who attends the service that day. Most stay in. It kind of makes me sad.

I never believed in Santa Claus either. Or in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. (I always type “Eater Bunny” and then I giggle!) Oh, my parents participated in these make-believe games, but I knew it was them. For instance, my mother is fond of recalling the story of when I lost my first tooth (I was in 2nd grade! Freak of the school!) and she sneaked in to put the money in my slipper, I told her that she must walk more quietly next time because I heard her.

However, even if I never believed, my cousins did. They believed in Santa Claus until they were quite big actually. This left me with a problem during holidays with the family, because I would forever be having slips of the tongue.

Awkward moment...


A further part of my awkward Christmases around family was the presents. In the last years I have always known what I was going to get. And it was normally only one present. Heck, of course I know what I am getting this year – a book that I picked myself in the bookshop, which my mother then paid for and immediately confiscated. That was months ago. The same went for last year’s Christmas with the family. The awkward part, however, is to feign surprise when I open the present around the little cousins, because they’re not supposed to know that I knew beforehand. And everyone who knows me knows that I am such a good actress. I can get stage fright on a balcony and there doesn’t even have to be an audience.

I probably ruined my little cousins’ childhoods…


Anyway, enough about my boring and awkward Christmases. What about you? How do you feel about Christmas and Santa Claus? Are you excited for it? Tell me in the comments! 😀


To end off this pointless post… at least my presents are all done and wrapped. And now I have to show off! 😉 My advantage is that I have very few friends. *cue evil laugh* And I made our origami Christmas decorations. We have a paper tree, paper baubles and other miscellaneous things lying about.

Origami Christmas tree

Our Origami Christmas Tree


Yes, I did just use a collage to make my friends’ prezzies look more than they actually are. Ah Pinterest… where would I have been this Christmas without you? Just about  everything on, in and with those prezzies I found through Pinterest one way or another. The tags, the origami boxes, the contents…

Oh, and that is indeed Bill, my origami pigeon photobombing that last picture. Typical. Remember him?

And another thing, speaking of origami, I am working on the new site and hope to launch along with the new year. I’m excited!


Well, well, that is all for now in this miserably exciting season. I hope you all have a good build-up to Christmas!