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Sliding down banisters is awesome, except…


I hope everyone had a really great weekend and that Monday is not too blue for you! I was just thinking of one of the most embarrassing moments that I ever had in school, so now I am sharing it with all of you. Would that help to make it less embarrassing? Probably not, but I’m sharing it anyway!

Here goes…

I must have been fuelled by embarrassment, I think!


Well, I guess I have to count the small blessings. I could have flashed everyone in the school, falling like that in my school dress. I could have been seriously injured from that fall. In the end, I think I got off lightly, because the only thing that really took a knock was my pride. Sure, my entire right side hurt like hell for days, but my self-confidence took rather longer to recover (I’ve never had very much of it anyway :P).


Soooooo, now the Olympics is over and I had to find more creative ways to procrastinate this weekend (I refuse to watch the track and field – too many bad memories come back). That meant that I watched way too many videos on YouTube when I should have been working. This one especially cracked me up. I couldn’t stop laughing! I just love LotR behind-the-scenes videos – it’s almost always hilarious! 😀


With that said, it now really is time to get back to work!