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Quote Saturday: What you fear most of all is fear

Fear (more…)

Book review: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Here is my review of A Game of Thrones. Last week I asked if you would like me to review American Gods, AGoT or something else. Beth said she would like to read this one, so here goes.

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A Game of Thrones is a huge novel and the first part of an even larger series (A Song of Ice and Fire). The HBO show is Game of Thrones, but I haven’t watched that yet, so I can’t say anything about it, except that what I’ve seen on Tumblr looks great. If you’ve read my blog during December and January, you probably already know that I loved this novel. So if that’s no secret, let’s get right down to the composition of this book. I tried to make this a proper review with headings and neat little paragraphs. I’ve got a reputation as a real English student to uphold these days, after all… 😉