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Frequently Asked Questions

aka Questions that were Asked Several Times so I will just answer now and save everyone time…

1. What kind of drawing tablet do you use?
I don’t even own a computer mouse, let alone a drawing tablet. I do now own a mouse, but still no other drawing tools.

2. Well, okay, what program do you draw in then?
I use Inkscape. Occasionally with additional help from Photoshop CS5, but that’s only for very fancy stuff.

3. Can I share “X” post with my friends/use it in my “X”?
Almost everything on my site is licensed CC-BY-NC-ND. If you can comply with that license then yes. The only things not licensed this way is my own creative writing (for which I claim full copyright) and things taken from other sites, which will be sourced and you will have to go ask permission at the source.

4. I’m a teacher. Can I use your literature/language cartoon in my class?
Teachers are always welcome to use my work if they feel it is helpful. This remains my highest compliment.

I only ask that if the images you want to use have watermarks on them that you not remove my URL.

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