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Overload paralysis

Overload Paralysis

Last night I was so sure how to write this post. I could picture it all in my head. I saw the headings, the different structures… But now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I’m feeling paralysed again. Where do I start? What if it sounds stupid or sounds like I’m trying to suck up to avoid responsibility for my actions?
But no. No, I can’t let this feeling have power. I need to start my post or else this cycle might just continue until I never actually do it.
This is a topic that I need to talk about for no other reason than its good for me. If I hide away what it’s sometimes like inside my head any longer then the problem is likely to just keep occurring. Here are all of my cards, on the table.
When I have too many things to do, remember and stress about, it is like I become paralysed. There are just too many choices to make and I can’t make them.


I should probably explain myself


So it’s been more than a month since my last post. What happened? (more…)

Looking forward and back

Back and forward
One of the lesser-known deities today of the Roman pantheon was Janus. He was the god of endings and beginnings, of transition and change, of doorways and arches. I suppose a simpler way to put this would be to say he was the god of duality. To this end, he is depicted as having two faces – one on either side of his head. He looks forward and back at the same time.
He is also generally agreed to be the deity that the month January is named for. January, as the first month of the Gregorian calendar, is both an ending and a beginning, it is the month of transition and change, and it looks both forward and back.


Rethinking what’s really important


Well, well, where have I been? Actually, I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been hiding from anything that resembles work or social media. This was quite unplanned as I had so many ambitious ideas for December. Then I was forced to retreat and evaluate my approach to my life when I realised how unenthusiastic I was feeling about my own plans.

Now I’m back with possibly the least original post title I’ve ever written, but hey. I had my whole life to think about. There was no time left to think about creative titles.


Shakespeare experiencing a scheduling problem – apologies

So Act I of Romeo and Juliet was supposed to go up right now. However, it will release tomorrow instead.
This happened due to me being only one person and then becoming one person with a sick day instead of a day to finish the text of her cartoon. It doesn’t help that my drawings are done if all the characters are still mute.

Sorry. See you in 24 hours.


Mission: Moving Domain. Status: Completed.

Welcome to the first post on! 🙂

I found my perfect address. For a long time I’ve hated the old one as it didn’t suit the blog anymore, but now I can be proud of my blog’s domain.

The old address still works, but it will automatically redirect to this one. It has been active for about 24 hours now and I’ve updated hopefully all of the links that didn’t update automatically.

CC 2.0 also features a new header, a cleaner layout and completely new pages linked in the menu above. You might want to have a look at them – especially About and Contact are probably unrecognisable. That is why this version 2.0 took so long to finally complete. I wanted to have it done by the new year so that I could launch it at the symbolical beginning of the year, but obviously that didn’t happen. All the writing and all the images and all the HTML took longer than should be necessary.

Next week I’ll be back to the old posting schedule.


I’m so excited about this new phase.


The end… and a new beginning

This will be my last post on

Now that I have your attention, I only need it for a maximum of five minutes. If you are still interested in following me please read this list.

  1. I am not closing down the blog nor am I stopping with posts.
  2. I am moving to a new address. My very own dot-com.
  3. This will probably not affect you if you are a WordPress or email-subscriber. You don’t need to do anything and you will still receive the notifications/posts that you signed up for.
  4. If you are subscribed through an external service (such as Bloglovin’) you might need to do something. I’m not sure if an external service will be able to automatically update to my new address, so please check back soon to this post for my new address so you can manually resubscribe if necessary.
  5. Regardless of your subscription, if you do not receive any new posts in a few days’ time, please check back to this post for my new address or any updates on problems.


4 things learnt in 2014

4 things learnt in 2014

2014 has really not been my year. It contained way more lows than highs. Actually it’s even hard for me to think of a high for the year. It’s a lot easier to think of a lot of lows, though I’m not sure if that’s due to a complete lack of highs or just due to my general grumpiness.

But just because it’s been a sucky year that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything. That’s what it’s about in the end, right? Every year, whether good or bad, we learn new things and, hopefully, become better people.

So here is my list of things I learnt this year. I promise it doesn’t include “don’t sweat the small stuff”. 😉


A blog award


So Kaleiyah-P nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, about… er… two months ago (sorry it took so long). (more…)

I swear I’m not even trying, things just happen to me

When last did I post something? Without looking it up, I think it was middle February. And now it’s middle March. That’s just great. There goes the resolution to post at least once every week. I wonder how many more times I will say that this year…

This time I did not go on hiatus that turned into a sabbatical. This time I wasn’t even trying. But this story starts and ends with the weather, so let’s start there.

I generally don’t talk about the weather. It’s boring and it’s unnecessary. The weather here will be different from the weather in every other place in the world at any one time. That’s just how the planet works. So why mention something so irrelevant then?

Because it becomes relevant when the rain kills the internet access. It’s been raining so much and so all at once since the beginning of the month that it destroyed infrastructure. Roads and bridges just gone. Dams burst. Flood-warnings everywhere.

We’re all still fine, but the meteorological frivolity did manage to touch us in one aspect – it broke a lot of phone lines and ours was one of them. That’ll probably take a while to get fixed. It’s already been close on three weeks. We can only be grateful that the electricity weathered all the storms and that nothing shorted out and no trees fell on power lines.

That’s how my story ends. That’s the explanation for my disappearance. But how does the story start with the weather?

It starts with how I had been writing about a rainstorm, little knowing that just hours later the internet would go and I would never get to post it. It’s still in my drafts, so I’ll post it someday, you know, some day when things have dried off and do not smell all moldy any longer.

Oh yes, and then what about the other amazing coincidence that prevented me from posting? Last weekend I was going to sit down and write something and woke up on Saturday morning with nerve pain running up and down both arms. Well, mostly only the left one and mostly only down. But occasionally the right and up sides added their harmonies as well.

I’ve had this kind of thing before, but in much worse grade and I was nervously waiting for it to get worse, which it thankfully never did. Still, I didn’t want to chance it and exacerbate it by typing. It has some similarities to fibro, but while fibro is chronic, this is something that appears for a short while and might return years later or maybe never. Last time I had it, it was brought on by extreme stress and I can honestly say that those two days are very high up on the list of worst days of my life. That time I couldn’t sleep at all because of the pain shooting down from behind my left ear, down my neck, through my shoulder and down my arm into my left hand.

This time I knew exactly what caused it… because I have no internet access, I’ve just been making stacks of gifs to hoard and share later and, yeah it was definitely that. All those keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop for hours several days in a row… my nerves didn’t like those.

But at last I got to write something again and internet or no internet, I will post this. So far I’ve been interrupted by lots of things again, such as a spider on my bedside lamp. I have now squashed it with the heavy Agatha Christie-omnibus by my bed. I’m not scared of spiders, but I’m not going to let it hang out by my face when I’m sleeping, not even a small one like this.


I won’t promise that I’ll be back next week, because who knows what coincidence will hit me next? But my intent is certainly to return next week. We’ll see.


Old news, a new year and new news.

Let’s see. I don’t even know where to start. This post just got put off more and more until I’m not sure what the point of it was any more. I wanted to get back into the swing of things, but the problem is I’m not sure where the swing has got to in the time I’ve been out of the blogging loop. Right now I feel like this swing is on one of those merry-go-round things where they strap you into the swing and then start spinning you around faster and faster until you’re flying almost straight out. *rapid blinking* Okay, that was an overly-extended metaphor.

Let’s start again. More rationally this time (hopefully!). (more…)

Disillusionment and perspective

Summer holidays


One Lovely Blog Award

Mal has recently honoured me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Yay! Now I have a duty to follow some rules. 🙂 (more…)

Beginnings are very important. So are endings, but the most important thing is to begin.

The title is something that I have come realise afresh over the past two weeks. If you want something to begin, then you should work on that. With no action from you, there will be no beginning.

On a related note, I know some of you wanted a report on what is going on with my creative writing and anxieties about sharing it with my class. So, here, have a report.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate and writing (and procrastination). That is my life right now.

Indeed, I have turned into that person who takes photos of her drinks and then shares them with everyone. (more…)

So this is the promised status update

I’m home now. Back from holiday, perhaps a little more cynical (just like I always feel after a holiday) and hopefully a little more rested. I hope that I will be able to say that I am also now a little more psychologically stable. But let me start at the beginning. I’ve been very quiet for a while, so I feel that I owe this blog a proper update.

To break up this extremely text-heavy post, I will add some of my photos. Not all of them recent, but all of them mine. 🙂


So, what’s up?

Hi everyone. This is a new – I hesitate to say regular – feature. It will give me the opportunity to post updates about things that happened to me or to other people away from the cartoon updates. It can also serve as a platform for me to share an opinion about something that happened in the world, if such an opportunity arises. I’m doing this on weekends, separately from the normal cartoon updates, on purpose so that people who are more interested in the laughter can skip these personal posts and those who are maybe more interested in text posts – I don’t know if there are any of you – can read these at their leisure. So welcome to…

Update header


This time I’m just going to have a long string of updates, as the blog has been a bit abandoned of late and I thought I’d share some pictures of what happened. They’re all of books, don’t get too excited. Every one of these updates won’t be as personal as this, but let’s start off on a human note. (more…)