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Overload paralysis

Overload Paralysis

Last night I was so sure how to write this post. I could picture it all in my head. I saw the headings, the different structures… But now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I’m feeling paralysed again. Where do I start? What if it sounds stupid or sounds like I’m trying to suck up to avoid responsibility for my actions?
But no. No, I can’t let this feeling have power. I need to start my post or else this cycle might just continue until I never actually do it.
This is a topic that I need to talk about for no other reason than its good for me. If I hide away what it’s sometimes like inside my head any longer then the problem is likely to just keep occurring. Here are all of my cards, on the table.
When I have too many things to do, remember and stress about, it is like I become paralysed. There are just too many choices to make and I can’t make them.


I should probably explain myself


So it’s been more than a month since my last post. What happened? (more…)

Looking forward and back

Back and forward
One of the lesser-known deities today of the Roman pantheon was Janus. He was the god of endings and beginnings, of transition and change, of doorways and arches. I suppose a simpler way to put this would be to say he was the god of duality. To this end, he is depicted as having two faces – one on either side of his head. He looks forward and back at the same time.
He is also generally agreed to be the deity that the month January is named for. January, as the first month of the Gregorian calendar, is both an ending and a beginning, it is the month of transition and change, and it looks both forward and back.


Rethinking what’s really important


Well, well, where have I been? Actually, I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been hiding from anything that resembles work or social media. This was quite unplanned as I had so many ambitious ideas for December. Then I was forced to retreat and evaluate my approach to my life when I realised how unenthusiastic I was feeling about my own plans.

Now I’m back with possibly the least original post title I’ve ever written, but hey. I had my whole life to think about. There was no time left to think about creative titles.


Shakespeare experiencing a scheduling problem – apologies

So Act I of Romeo and Juliet was supposed to go up right now. However, it will release tomorrow instead.
This happened due to me being only one person and then becoming one person with a sick day instead of a day to finish the text of her cartoon. It doesn’t help that my drawings are done if all the characters are still mute.

Sorry. See you in 24 hours.


Mission: Moving Domain. Status: Completed.

Welcome to the first post on! 🙂

I found my perfect address. For a long time I’ve hated the old one as it didn’t suit the blog anymore, but now I can be proud of my blog’s domain.

The old address still works, but it will automatically redirect to this one. It has been active for about 24 hours now and I’ve updated hopefully all of the links that didn’t update automatically.

CC 2.0 also features a new header, a cleaner layout and completely new pages linked in the menu above. You might want to have a look at them – especially About and Contact are probably unrecognisable. That is why this version 2.0 took so long to finally complete. I wanted to have it done by the new year so that I could launch it at the symbolical beginning of the year, but obviously that didn’t happen. All the writing and all the images and all the HTML took longer than should be necessary.

Next week I’ll be back to the old posting schedule.


I’m so excited about this new phase.