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Books read in November and December


Yet again this seems to have turned into an every-second-month post. I actually considered whether I should change the series to only update every two months, if that is what seems more natural. However, I’ve decided that it was a coincidence that it happened twice in a row. I couldn’t post September’s update, because my laptop was in the shop for a hard drive transplant. I didn’t post November’s update due to NaNoWriMo and pure exhaustion. It was circumstantial why this happened. So these posts will continue the same way they have before. I really enjoy writing them and I hope someone enjoys reading them.

So let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

Books read in September and October

Hey guys, so we’re doing things a little differently today. You may remember that I took an unexpected blog hiatus when my almost-five-year-old laptop’s hard drive failed. Last when I posted my laptop was still in for repairs and I didn’t know how much data I was going to lose. (more…)

Books read in August


I mean book read in August. Well, book and two short stories… And a few chapters of another book… Let’s just move on. (more…)

Books read in July


How did I manage to read any books last month, on top of writing and the Shakespeare cartoons? Well, I did fail at the writing and the cartoons were late a couple of times, that’s how. (more…)

Books read in June


Sometimes blogging is about learning to eat my words. (more…)

Books read in May


May is the month of mysteries. (I’m so good at alliteration.) 😛 (more…)