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Books and reading

Books read in September


It is probably not considered unusual by this point that my monthly reading list contains only one book. Rather than letting this bother me, I will see it as an opportunity to spend a little more space on this little paperback.

Prepare yourself for lists of adjectives. (more…)

Library of the soul (book read in August)


We all have a story. Mine includes where I was born, how I spent a lot of holidays as a child on the road, when I went to school, how I spent the majority of weekends in the library…
You can find pieces of a person’s soul in their story.


Books read in July


Well, I’m not quite sure how August is here already, but regardless, here is my reading update. (more…)

Books read in June


Also featuring a new section on audiobooks. (more…)

Books read in February and March


A very diverse little collection of books this time round. (more…)

Books read in January


I’m still taking it easy. Rather than force myself to read, and stress myself into apathy again, I’m taking small steps. Don’t worry though, I’m getting better. Just careful not to overdo it.