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Overload paralysis

Overload Paralysis

Last night I was so sure how to write this post. I could picture it all in my head. I saw the headings, the different structures… But now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I’m feeling paralysed again. Where do I start? What if it sounds stupid or sounds like I’m trying to suck up to avoid responsibility for my actions?
But no. No, I can’t let this feeling have power. I need to start my post or else this cycle might just continue until I┬ánever actually do it.
This is a topic that I need to talk about for no other reason than its good for me. If I hide away what it’s sometimes like inside my head any longer then the problem is likely to just keep occurring. Here are all of my cards, on the table.
When I have too many things to do, remember and stress about, it is like I become paralysed. There are just too many choices to make and I can’t make them.


Sometimes I wish my computer could just talk to me


I don’t mean like some kind of creepy JARVIS. I actually don’t like it when my technology tries to think for itself. No, what I mean is that I wish my computer could just communicate properly, instead of spitting error codes at me when something goes wrong.

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Writing prompt: grief


I really like writing morbid stuff. You might have noticed.


When cashiers make comments


Then I start screaming internally.

What on earth is this strange sample I received?


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Books read in February and March


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