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Twenty sixteen

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Good riddance.




Cutie pie


I’ll take my pun-nishment now…




Books read in September


It is probably not considered unusual by this point that my monthly reading list contains only one book. Rather than letting this bother me, I will see it as an opportunity to spend a little more space on this little paperback.

Prepare yourself for lists of adjectives. (more…)

Library of the soul (book read in August)


We all have a story. Mine includes where I was born, how I spent a lot of holidays as a child on the road, when I went to school, how I spent the majority of weekends in the library…
You can find pieces of a person’s soul in their story.




Hugs reminder

Writing prompt: tragedy


It’s finally time to write about tragedy.


Sometimes I wish my computer could just talk to me – Part 2



The conclusion of the story.

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Books read in July


Well, I’m not quite sure how August is here already, but regardless, here is my reading update. (more…)



Fear itself

In this moment, my more literal-minded friends would point out that there are lots of things to fear besides fear, for example snakes and rabid dogs.
At which I would concede the point.
However, I would also argue that in terms of the bigger picture, Roosevelt was correct, even slightly prophetic.
Yes, if I walked down the street tomorrow I could be bitten by a rabid dog and that fear would be justified. But such an event would not have an impact on anyone outside my immediate circle. However things that people can do to other people plain and simply out of fear can have an impact that is community-wide, country-wide, or even world-wide.
We are talking here about discrimination, xenophobia, racism, repression, genocide and war.
At the moment it sometimes seems as though the entire world is being consumed by fear.
I am afraid of it.

Books read in June


Also featuring a new section on audiobooks. (more…)


No words

No words

Writing prompt: the things I no longer wish to understand

The things I no longer wish to understand

As I’ve already freaked one person out with this, my response to this prompt is strictly fiction.


Overload paralysis

Overload Paralysis

Last night I was so sure how to write this post. I could picture it all in my head. I saw the headings, the different structures… But now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I’m feeling paralysed again. Where do I start? What if it sounds stupid or sounds like I’m trying to suck up to avoid responsibility for my actions?
But no. No, I can’t let this feeling have power. I need to start my post or else this cycle might just continue until I never actually do it.
This is a topic that I need to talk about for no other reason than its good for me. If I hide away what it’s sometimes like inside my head any longer then the problem is likely to just keep occurring. Here are all of my cards, on the table.
When I have too many things to do, remember and stress about, it is like I become paralysed. There are just too many choices to make and I can’t make them.


Sometimes I wish my computer could just talk to me


I don’t mean like some kind of creepy JARVIS. I actually don’t like it when my technology tries to think for itself. No, what I mean is that I wish my computer could just communicate properly, instead of spitting error codes at me when something goes wrong.

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Writing prompt: grief


I really like writing morbid stuff. You might have noticed.


When cashiers make comments


Then I start screaming internally.

What on earth is this strange sample I received?


Well, it’s a long story. (more…)

Books read in February and March


A very diverse little collection of books this time round. (more…)

I should probably explain myself


So it’s been more than a month since my last post. What happened? (more…)

Writing prompt: goodbye


“Goodbye” can take so many forms. Here is an attempt to portray two of those moments.


When did it rain?


In my family, you will find very differing opinions on when it rained. There is me, who prefers optimism. Then there are others, who equate rain with a nothing short of a flood.

Books read in January


I’m still taking it easy. Rather than force myself to read, and stress myself into apathy again, I’m taking small steps. Don’t worry though, I’m getting better. Just careful not to overdo it.

Writing prompt: the sound of winter

The sound of winter

The writing prompts series is based around shorter-form fiction. In this series, I take writing prompts from various sources and write short scenes inspired by those prompts.
Personally, I don’t enjoy writing short stories as I feel they don’t leave me enough space to achieve a goal. However, I recently discovered that I do very much enjoy writing an even shorter form of fiction: single scenes. Those single moments within a timeline just overflowing with events – those are where humanity really shines through. So that is my goal with writing these scenes. I want to express those little stand-out moments in a character’s life without using too many words.


Looking forward and back

Back and forward
One of the lesser-known deities today of the Roman pantheon was Janus. He was the god of endings and beginnings, of transition and change, of doorways and arches. I suppose a simpler way to put this would be to say he was the god of duality. To this end, he is depicted as having two faces – one on either side of his head. He looks forward and back at the same time.
He is also generally agreed to be the deity that the month January is named for. January, as the first month of the Gregorian calendar, is both an ending and a beginning, it is the month of transition and change, and it looks both forward and back.