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Books read in July


Well, I’m not quite sure how August is here already, but regardless, here is my reading update.

Moving Pictures – Terry Pratchett
Moving Pictures is the tenth Discworld novel and was one of the very last ones that I’ve not yet read. If I can count, I now need to read five more to complete all 41 books of the series. I’m so close now. The day I finally finish will be both happy and sad…
So, this is a parody of Old Hollywood, filled with puns on the names of actors and films from the Golden Age. I must admit that I know very little about the old classic movies, or even about popular new movies, and I toooootally missed the Oscar references in this book and felt really dumb when the penny finally dropped.
Moving Pictures tells the story of the start of up a film industry on the Discworld, with the help of some er… extra-natural forces. Starting with the informal nature of the old silent films, the sexualisation and type-casting of actresses and ending with the deceitful nature of the whole industry, the story is told through the eyes of new actors Victor and Ginger (or then again the many versions of the sword-wielding hero and the swooning girl).
Despite needing the references explained to me (I did get the Tom & Jerry one, at least) I still enjoyed the story. There are still plenty of references and puns and jokes unrelated to the film industry that I could enjoy. Moving Pictures is also the introduction of some other beloved Pratchett characters who would go on to feature in several other stories.
⭐ ½
Stars AboveMarissa Meyer
I’ve talked enough about the Lunar Chronicles by now. I reviewed all five other books as part of this series and it is still the most complete series of reviews that I have on my blog, as I coincidentally started the book review thing at the same time as my Lunar Chronicles obsession started.
The other books will always hold a special place on my shelf and in my heart. And now this, the final chapter.
Actually, the real series was finished with Winter. Stars Above is a collection of nine short stories featuring the characters of the Lunar Chronicles and set before and after the events of the actual series. In a way, you could compare it to fluff fanfiction except it’s canon as it was written by the original author.
Don’t expect grand reveals or deep character development in these stories. Fortunately I love fluff fanfiction that fills in these tiny gaps in the original writing.
I’ve also seen several complaints from fans online about this collection not containing enough or not answering the questions they wanted. I’m not someone to complain if something as purely “for the fans” as this doesn’t contain all the answers I wanted. No, I didn’t get all the reveals I’d hoped for, but then again I also got some reveals I wasn’t expecting. The author doesn’t owe the fans anything, nor is the author obligated to reveal everything about a story. Sometimes people can really sound rude in their Internet complaining.
I genuinely enjoyed Stars Above and would read it again to say a last goodbye to the Lunar Chronicles.
⭐ ½
^Hey look, stars! Above!^ Ahem…
Talk soon,

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