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Sometimes I wish my computer could just talk to me


I don’t mean like some kind of creepy JARVIS. I actually don’t like it when my technology tries to think for itself. No, what I mean is that I wish my computer could just communicate properly, instead of spitting error codes at me when something goes wrong.

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This is a true story.

Not the part where my computer suddenly started talking using British slang, but the part where my Windows Updater broke because I had to get a new hard drive installed in my laptop.

I’d probably get all of the technical terms wrong if I tried to explain more fully, but the way I understood the situation, one of my drivers wasn’t up to its job any more because the new hard drive has double the capacity of the old one.

I have no idea what this has to do with Windows Updater, but there you have it. It took endless hours of googling to find this out, and even now my computer has problems because Updater has not run in forever and I simply never noticed.

Now, if my computer just told me this, instead of giving me an error code, all could have been resolved ages ago.


Oh well.


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