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Writing prompt: grief


I really like writing morbid stuff. You might have noticed.

Today’s writing prompt:

Write about grieving the death of a friend.


Me. I wasn’t finding enough morbid prompts to make me happy so I made my own.

He turned his back on what had once been his destination and headed towards home.
He walked and walked, trudging through the miles, though he did not notice the ground over which he walked. It was as though the lens to the world had fallen out. He was not focusing on the blurry, incoherent smears of the trees and grass he passed by. Instead, his eyes were always looking inwards in reflection and remembrance.
While birds chattered and bees hummed, he watched again, in the quiet of his mind, his dying friend’s eyes. Over and over, he saw how they turned blank and empty, windows to a soulless husk.
He walked and when he was thirsty he drank water and at night he lay under the stars until his eyes closed on their own.
On the day that the world came into focus again, he was lying in a meadow. It was springtime and the morning sun shone down on him. The grass was green and rippling in the breeze, and there were clumps of purple flowers.
He got up and studied his own limbs. To his surprise, he felt warm again. He’d been cold for so long, cold and aching.
The pain was still there, but it had settled into a single heavy ache in his stomach, replacing the insidious daggers slicing his insides apart. It was a pain he felt strong enough to carry.
He turned and faced the road. He was almost home.
Word count: 246
This little piece of writing has been with me for a while. It started off a bit more fanfic-y while it is now less specific. So, it was born around the time that the last Hobbit-movie was released on dvd and its content had a bit of a revival around the internet. Then, after that, I read (and reviewed) The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, which also had a strong influence on my train of thought with this fanfic. Combined though, the two became one more generic flashfic that doesn’t really have to refer to any fandom.
If you want to use this writing prompt in your own post, leave me a comment. I would love to come over and read it!
Hope you enjoyed this post and of course constructive criticism is always welcome.
The writing prompts series is based around shorter-form fiction. In this series, I take writing prompts from various sources and write short scenes inspired by those prompts.
Personally, I don’t enjoy writing short stories as I feel they don’t leave me enough space to achieve a goal. However, I recently discovered that I do very much enjoy writing an even shorter form of fiction: single scenes. Those single moments within a timeline just overflowing with events – those are where humanity really shines through. So that is my goal with writing these scenes. I want to express those little stand-out moments in a character’s life without using too many words.

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