Laughter and books make life a little easier

I should probably explain myself


So it’s been more than a month since my last post. What happened?

For a change, I have something different to talk about. Me being disorganised and missing out on posts are nothing new, neither is return posts talking about bad things that happened.

I’m sure that everyone feels that bad news haunts them a little bit. Call it memory bias, call it whatever, but I’ve felt this way for at least ten years. So when things happen that derail my plans, I would expect these things to be bad things.

But for once it was not.

This time my radio-silence is related to work and specifically promotion. I can actually trace the news back to the day after my last post, so clearly the impact spread. I knew about it for two weeks before my new responsibilities started at the beginning of March and, obviously, with new things that you have to do at work, you spend most of the first few weeks wondering where the things are that you’re supposed to do, instead of just doing them.

So lots of other things were left behind a little.

I spent my Easter cleaning and sorting most of what needed to be done and now I have almost enough posts finished to cover all of April. That should help to take the pressure off.


Next up, the usual book reviews on Wednesday!


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