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Writing prompt: the sound of winter

The sound of winter

The writing prompts series is based around shorter-form fiction. In this series, I take writing prompts from various sources and write short scenes inspired by those prompts.
Personally, I don’t enjoy writing short stories as I feel they don’t leave me enough space to achieve a goal. However, I recently discovered that I do very much enjoy writing an even shorter form of fiction: single scenes. Those single moments within a timeline just overflowing with events – those are where humanity really shines through. So that is my goal with writing these scenes. I want to express those little stand-out moments in a character’s life without using too many words.

Today’s writing prompt:

Write about the sound of winter.


I don’t remember. I wrote it down a long time ago.

She always thought that winter mornings sounded different from mornings during the rest of the year. Mornings in the spring, summer and autumn were filled with the sounds of nature, whether it was the wind blowing, the clicking and buzzing made by various insects, or the birds in the tree outside the kitchen window having what sounded like a feud.

But in winter the mornings were filled with silence.
The wind did not blow, nor did the insects chitter. Rather than rowing, the birds made peace and slept huddled together.
When she went outside in the early dawn light to feed the geese the only sound she could hear was the frost on the grass crackling under her boots.
Ever since she’d been young, she’d associated the silent mornings with winter. In fact, she measured the arrival of the season not by a calendar but by the quietness of the dawn.
Winters were still and silent as nature slept and waited for spring to thaw it out and renew its life for yet another year.
Word count: 181
That’s it. That’s what the writing prompts series will look like. I envision one post per month of these, but I don’t want to tie it down too hard and schedule it as much as the book review series.
So, hope you enjoyed and of course constructive criticism is always welcome.
PS. If you want to use this writing prompt in a post of your own, I’d love to see it!

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