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Shakespeare cartoonified: Romeo and Juliet — Act III


And suddenly the play turns dark.

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Just like that, everything goes wrong. Romeo faces down the other young men and Juliet her parents. They are both still just as over-dramatic and Friar Lawrence is right to tell them off. But they’re also different. Can you tell?

At the beginning of Act II, Romeo was just a boy. Or mostly a man, albeit a rather silly one. In this act we see him become a murderer. And even before that he is much more mature than he had been an act earlier. He tries to move beyond prejudice and he would have managed it too, if others had co-operated. Then, suddenly, he is a murderer and a hunted man on the run. He hadn’t even been married a day before this disaster strikes.

But he is not the only child in this play who had to grow up too fast.
One minute Juliet was just a girl daydreaming of figuring out sex together with her husband of a few hours. Then the Nurse brings news of the disaster and we see what Juliet is really made of. You might have expected her to crumple at the news but she squares up and finds herself equal to it. She is prepared to stand by her husband, even through murder charges and exile. In this moment she could have left everything. No-one but the Nurse and the priest knew of her marriage. She could have moved on without Romeo and found herself a less dangerous husband in a few more years. But that’s not who she is. Juliet is brave, loyal and passionate. Her parents discuss massive changes to her life as if she is not even there and it takes a lot of courage to defy them. She became a woman within a few scenes.


Romeo and Juliet
Introduction Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V

Act IV will publish on 15 July. Links will become available above as new parts are published.

(Given that this post is a day late I should probably start giving a range rather than a date. Blame it on a combination of an interesting book, NaNoWriMo, the fact that this act is very long and complicated and my poor time management skills.)

5 responses

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  2. Dee Jay

    I havent read this yet but your post is awesome!
    the story is becoming interesting!
    nice work!!

    July 10, 2015 at 08:25

    • I sometimes forget that not everyone is already familiar with the story. It’s been adapted so many times into movies and books and it’s so part of everything that I do that I forget.
      You should read the original because I’m just destroying it here. If Shakespeare has a grave somewhere he’s probably rolling over in it right now because of how I have to leave out most of the good stuff just to have space for the bare plot.

      July 11, 2015 at 22:41

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