Laughter and books make life a little easier

My relationship with coffee


It was something that snuck up over years.1 2 3 4 5 6

Today, I’d still pick tea over coffee, but my avoiding it at every turn is gone. I still have to be careful though because coffee has a stronger effect on me than on most people. This is likely because I grew up without both coffee and fizzy drinks, so I have zero resistance against caffeine.

It’s strange though, because this whole thing started with that one taste of coffee as a little kid. But as a kid I didn’t know that my father drinks very strong coffee. That one horrible taste could have been enough to put anyone off for life.


Talk soon,


PS. Looking at my various university cartoons, you’d think that I spent all of my years there mostly asleep. This is true. I was asleep for the better part of my entire second year due to taking extra subjects and working into the early morning every night. And the other three years I was just tired all the time.

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