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Why energy sweets actually energise you


There is a reason why energy sweets wake you up and it has nothing to do with what the sweets contain.2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The packaging is so hard to open that by the time you finally have it open the after-lunch sleepiness has passed. Really, you should just use scissors, or possibly a nutcracker, right from the beginning, but of course you are too sleepy to get up and fetch some…

I actually want to invent something that involves fine motor skills to ward away that post-lunch tiredness because I’m sure those energy sweets are particularly bad for you. Just opening the packaging is very effective, but then you’re going to eat the contents anyway.


Oh well. Talk soon!


Note to self: don’t look at your list and pick the post that involves a lot of drawing hands when you’re actually a bit low on time, silly.

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