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Lunch time writing challenge

The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge looked interesting, so I decided to chime in this week.

For this week’s writing challenge, take a cue from O’Hara and write a short(er) post during your lunch hour. During this limited period of time, take a look at your surroundings and document what you see.

I haven’t had a real lunch break in years. University doesn’t give one. You just work through it. If the lecturer is human nice, you’d be allowed to eat in class, but this usually turns out to be a double-edged sword, because it also makes you impossibly sleepy afterwards.

Obviously, I don’t have a lunch break now either, as I don’t have a job to grant me one.

So, I’m at home.

If I look out the window, I see the same view I’ve looked at for 22 years. The sky isn’t as blue as it usually is because there are some clouds drifting about. They aren’t rain-y clouds, more the drift-y kind that just aimlessly hangs about.

The rubbish removal just went by, churning, clanking and clattering the way they usually do. You can hear them streets away, which is a good thing if you happened to forget to put the bin out…

My old enemy the tropical creeper still grows outside my window. I believe it is of the family Philodendron. I hate this plant. I’ve always hated it. It used to freak me out and give me nightmares when I was little, because the pattern on the trunk looked like huge, monster eyes staring at me. You can see a photo of it by opening that link and scrolling to the very last picture.

I can’t see the pattern so well nowadays, but, either way, it doesn’t scare me any more. Anyway, I don’t think I’d be able to see it at night now, because the lamp pole outside the window hasn’t worked properly in ages.

I still hate the plant though. It’s a reminder of all the scary things that lurk outside at night.



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