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Capturing December: Days 11-20

And… here is the follow-up to my first set of pictures of December! Enjoy!



December challenge2

11- Green: Yet another origami Christmas tree in potentia. It’s our third, in fact. 😛

12- A beautiful sight: Yes, my precious, that was beautiful. Please excuse the glare, I did the best I could with my tiny camera. It was super dark in the theatre building. Actually, it is a cardboard thing put up next to the door of the theatre where I went to watch The Hobbit. I’d have loved to have a pic of me in front of it, but as I was alone there, I couldn’t ask anyone to take the photo. Oh well.

13- Family: I don’t have any family to picture. 😉 Well, I do, but we live very far away from them and we don’t see each other often. I also don’t always see eye to eye with them. I’m kind of the grey sheep around here.

14- Christmas tree: What picture 11 became. Everything about this tree is origami: the decorations, the tree itself, the prezzies. In fact, everything except the bows (not origami) is made from paper.

15- Favourite holiday song: I don’t know how to take a picture of a song. 😆 Anyway, my favourite is When a Child is Born. Christmas music in general irritates me, but this one is beautiful. I will make an exception for this one.

16- Outside Christmas lights: I did the best I could! We don’t have lights of our own, though we used to have some. Even if I just think about it, I can already hear my father complain about the cost of electricity!

17- Presents: Yes, more origami. They’re tiny, actually, those boxes. Probably only about an inch high. And they’re empty, by the way. They’re just for decoration, which is why I put bows on them.

18- Stockings: I don’t have one and I never have had, but do you want a picture of my socks?

19- Candy cane: I don’t know what became of ours. It’s a plastic tree decoration, so it’s probably in a box somewhere. So, compromise! It’s Christmas in RuneScape as well, so I dressed my character in a Santa Claus outfit, complete with candy cane that you can swaggily swag around with. I know… cheating again…

20- Tree topper: You guessed it: origami! I love this star and, as a bonus, it sits very neatly on top of my newest tree. 😀


Dum-dee-dum! 😀

There is a Christmas origami tutorial due tomorrow on my origami blog and I’ll update here when it is posted.

Happy holidays!


PS. I feel almost myself again today. The melancholy is passing.


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