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Day 16 – Favourite female character: Part 2


This post is part of a month-long series of pre-dated posts running while I am on holiday. Feel free to comment, I’ll get back to you when I return!
Please note that any “reviews” I write here are simply my own opinion and that I am not doing any objective, informative reviews for this challenge. If there are any spoilers in a post, I will indicate it at the top.
I draw the book covers straight from Goodreads and you can click on the images to go to the book’s page on there.


This is probably an odd one, I know. I was trying to choose who else to write about, because, as with the men, I was tempted to write about far too many people. I was also tempted to write about Éowyn from Lord of the Rings and also about one other character. However, I’ll still get my chance to write too much about LotR in the later posts, so I can work Éowyn in there and that other character will also get her turn on Day 25, so that is settled. I’ll write about Damson Rhee from The Heritage of Shannara-quartet today.

Damson Rhee features prominently in The Heritage of Shannara as the guide, helper and growing love interest of one of the main characters. In a few days, I will publish a piece in which I write about how much I hate it when some fantasy novels transform women into nothing more than attractive pieces of flesh. This happens especially when the woman turns into the lover of the male main character. It seems that as soon as that happens, she is transformed into a piece of cardboard and has no (and needs no) characteristics except for sex appeal.

Anyway, what I like about Damson is how she breaks this stereotype. She really is an admirable character: she is resourceful, independent, strong-willed and brave. She is actually the one who has to look after her boyfriend, because he is the “going-to-pieces-sort”. He does that rather a lot, though to be fair to him, he also has a lot to deal with and I can hardly blame him for getting nightmares after everything that happened to him.


Damson Rhee is definitely not a cardboard character. She is prepared to brave guards, sewers, shadows, nightmares, fights, imprisonment and hard weather travels in her fight for what is right. As a profession she is a street magician and so she can do all kinds of tricks with sleight of hand and so on. I love all the moments when she takes out her magic. Even though it is not real and everyone knows it, there is still a kind of magic to it. And I have a thing for a magic-show. 😉

One of the things that I like so much about the Shannara-series is that all the female characters that play any kind of role are well-developed. Don’t you hate those fantasy novels that have a boy and a girl on the cover… with the girl showing more skin than she covers? How sensible is it to participate in a fantasy quest in high heels and lingerie? It won’t be long before something in that outfits slips… but maybe that is what she wants. Well, I think that’s stupid. I don’t read those books with that kind of cover. I much prefer characters like Damson Rhee… she is sensible, not an air-headed doll.


Actually, this is how I prefer characters in general. I prefer the sort with common sense that does not get soppy, but it is just a pity how hard they are to find. Half the characters I’ve read seem to turn into soppy romantics at the least blink. That is one thing I can’t stand: having to read two characters cooing at each other. Bah! That’s something I’ll post about in a couple of days as well.

Well basically, that’s it then. If you haven’t read about Damson yet, go try it. Go experience her in her awesomeness as Free-born girl, street magician and great example. 😛


Tomorrow’s post is about my favourite quote from my favourite book.


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