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NaNoWriMo: week 3 is the hardest

Hi. I do NaNoWriMo. I’m behind again on my word count. I’m losing momentum, and I got Week Three blues rather badly. Writer’s block is when your invisible friends won’t talk to you, right? Yes, that is what is happening right now. But now we’re into Week Four, going down the homestretch and the end is in sight. Am I supposed to be more cheerful now? I’ll try. I experienced the same thing last time. Weeks 1 and 3 are the worse. In 1, because you are wondering “why am I doing this?” and “what am I actually going to do if I’m doing this for reals?” And in 3, simply because you are starting to run out of steam and the end seems too far.

The other thing is, I would like you, my dear reader, to vote in my poll, down below. Please scroll down – it’ll only take a minute and hardly any of your brain power! Smile

I’ll really appreciate it! Thank you! Red heart

The weather right now is not helping at all. It’s supposed to be baking – it’s November, it’s summer, but instead I froze under a blanket all day. Two days ago, you could not breathe for humidity, but then last night the heavens opened and the little stream not 200m from our house completely burst its banks and took everything that it could reach (no people at least, apparently) along with it, including rather large boulders. Likely it wants them to bash people over the head with. Anyway, I hate weather like this, because it just wants to make me sulk in bed all day, but I still have more than 13,000 words to go for that novel, I have a 1000-word assignment to do for Friday (it looks like a lot right now, that I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about isn’t helping) and I write my last exam for the year also on Friday morning. Then I’m done with Second Year! I just have to pass French… somehow… Smile with tongue out

Righto! I can do this, can’t I? Most things are salvageable in NaNoWriMo. My motto for last time (which went much worse than this time round) was:

NaNo motto

It is still relevant. I’m far too stubborn and proud to lose. Because then I would have to admit failure.

Okie-dokie, seeing that I have already run out of both things to say and time, how does an excerpt sound?

After the important passengers had disembarked, this man also starting moving towards the gangplank. Abrielle fell in behind him, deciding to follow him a little way to perhaps learn a little more of his story. They stood at the top of the gangplank, waiting for some of the sweating sailors to finish manhandling a heavy sea chest down the gangplank. Then the man walked down the gangplank, cradling his bundle, Abrielle walking in his steps. Once on the quay, the man turned around and around on the spot, apparently looking for someone.

He scanned the heads of the crowd and stretched his neck, trying to see farther. But still he did not find who or what he was looking for. He turned around again, but still nothing. Within moments, he was surrounded by the merchants chanting about their wares. He shook his head at all of them, but as some of them gave up and left, more came up and took their place. Quite a lot of them walked right through Abrielle, apparently not even feeling it in the press of the other crowds.

The sun was westering, and in the golden evening light, most of the merchants gave up on the strange man and left him alone. He still stood on the quay. The sun etched his profile in dark lines. He simply stood looking at the people. Then, with a visible sigh and sagging of the shoulders, he gave up with his fruitless scanning of the crowds. He set off towards the distant houses, beyond the stalls, walking slowly, dejectedly. Abrielle watched him go, not following him any more.

Then she started wondering about this man’s story. Who had he been waiting for? Why had that person never come? What could have happened? Had there simply been a misunderstanding, with months on the sea separating them and leading to a confusion of dates and times? Or had something more serious happened? Death? Illness? Rejection?

Around her, parrots screeched and merchants were still shouting about their wares. There was even a man who was blowing on a flute to a snake that was swaying on the lower part of its body, but it all became background buzz to Abrielle. Suddenly, all she could think of was the unfinished story of this man. This man who had come home after a long journey on the sea, clutching a precious bundle all wrapped up in cloth, but the person who had promised to be here when he landed did not appear. She wondered whether his story would still have a happy ending, or whether only sad news awaited him. But now she would never know.

© All rights reserved. ElanaE. 2011.


A Poll

So, this is something that has been on my mind for a while… I have actually contemplated this before starting up this blog. I want to make origami tutorials. Yes, right, I write how-to articles on in over on wikiHow, but not every tool that I want to use to do this is allowed / possible to code over there. And some of the stuff I am not sure about the copyright. I have asked there before, but no-one could give me a definite answer and I don’t want to break laws on a site with strong copyright rules and a reputation like wikiHow.

So. The Point.

In this upcoming holiday, I’m continuing to live the dream (first NaNoWriMo and now origami) and I am going to start with origami tutorials. But I want to know from you should I create a new blog and do it there, or should I just make a separate page and category for them over here?
Naturally, wherever I end up doing it, I will link to the new tutorials in my regular posts and cartoons (soon, I promise) over here.

Will the extra, off-topic stuff make this blog too chaotic? Will a new blog leave my poor tutorials lost in cyberspace?

What do YOU think?

Vote here! It’s easy: just click Start a separate blog, or Keep it all together.
(And if you don’t vote, then I’m just gonna do what I want, and you’re not allowed to complain later. Right? This is democracy.)


I made this. It’s generally applicable to girls, I guess. I don’t much know what goes on in guys’ heads when they watch these kind of ads.


Now I’ll be off. Enough procrastinating for one day! (Yeah, right. Famous last words!)


Both images come from Chibird @ Tumblr. Check it out – her stuff is awesome!

I’m hovering between stages 4 and 5, right now, by the way.

6 responses

  1. The pride of knowing you are one of the RARE FEW HUMANS to write a complete novel will outweigh the lack of sleep/mood swings/complete lack of new ideas/complete lack of coherency.

    My philosophy on writing has always been to focus on quantity and completely ignore quality. When I started people told me I was a terrible writer…but after a few years of writing more and more words I eventually developed a voice that I’m happy with – and lots of people tell me they like my writing now. If anything, I receive way more credit than I feel I deserve.

    People who focus on the quality of their writing typically write like what? maybe ten words a day. Wow. Cool.

    Just keep writing and you’ll have the next Great Gatsby in no time.

    Hope that gives you at least a brief morale boost (we all need them from time to time).

    November 26, 2011 at 08:13

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, Peter! The pep talk helped, and I think I am finally out of the hole and going for a win. Are you sure you aren’t working for the Office of Letters and Light? 😉

    I finally allowed myself to write the climax and the ending, and now things are finally smooth again. I wanted to do it for a long time, but I couldn’t do that, because I have a nasty habit of beginning a novel, skipping the middle to write the end, and then losing interest in doing the middle because I already wrote the end, right? I didn’t want it happening this time. Actually my novel is done now and I am looking for extra bits that need filling in, to fill up my word count! So excited! 😀

    Let’s just leave the Great Gatsby out of this, shall we? They tortured us for about 6 months with close reading that thing in the final year of high school, so I’m so sick of it! That I hated English in school did not help… 😉

    November 27, 2011 at 01:09

  3. Well, you can always go for a postmodern chronology of the novel like Kurt Vonnegut would do – I think the more novels I write, the less I care about telling stories in order and the more I try to think outside the box and create ways to relate a story to readers by presenting the filling first, and then slowly putting it all together in the end. Can certainly be helpful when you feel like everything is resolved at 35K (something that has happened to me plenty of times).

    And yeah, schools have a remarkable talent for making people hate English.

    November 27, 2011 at 06:43

    • Well, there’s a lot of time travelling, so it is out of traditional chronology already.
      Have you read Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie? I had to read it for class, but I only got about a fifth through before I had a headache and decided to stop torturing myself. It starts about in the middle, skips generations back, goes forward again, and generally plays hob with time and any kind of order. I certainly don’t want that in my novel! 😉

      I think schools work pretty hard at that, yes. And then university has to work doubly as hard to convince you to change your mind.

      November 28, 2011 at 20:02

  4. While that book sounds surprisingly familiar, I cannot think of why – and I am certain that I haven’t read it. Forgive me, my memory just isn’t what it used to be (blame the drugs).

    I tried to read James Joyce once, because he was apparently ‘influential’ to a lot of the beat writers that I was fascinated by in high school. But James Joyce is drier than sandpaper in my opinion.

    Give me a Murakami novel, House of Leaves, or White Noise by Don DeLillo and I’m happy. The older I get, the more I hate everything else. (Well, I love my writing…does that count?) Ahahaha.

    December 1, 2011 at 08:15

    • You may be thinking of the author who is famous (I should say infamous) for his Satanic Verses. Oh? How about the coffee?

      I’ve only read Joyce’s Portrait (also known as the book with the title that I am too lazy to type out 😛 ), which I enjoyed, but I don’t think I’m eager to read the rest of his work. It sounds like a kind of thing where you first have to read a longer book in order to understand the other! 😉

      I’m the opposite! The older I get, the more appreciation I get for all different kinds of literature.
      Of course it counts! Mwuhahaha! 😉

      December 1, 2011 at 23:29

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