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NaNoWriMo: halfway

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Yep, I finally got a word count widget! Smile


Ah… it’s halfway. Now it is only downhill from here. Je dois être folle…

Anyway, I wrote myself back into the game. I fell behind after my English exam, on which evening I was too drained to reach my word count. Which left me about 400 words behind, when I had been 600 ahead from the first day. It didn’t look too bad at that stage. I could easily catch up the next day, right? Many other people are thousands of words behind. Last time, that was me… It didn’t happen. Lots of unexpected stuff happened instead the next morning, which meant I lost ground with about 200 more words. After that, I was able to keep up, but I couldn’t catch up. The backlog remained ahead of me. But now it’s gone! Buried under the onslaught of religion!


I feel I should clarify that last sentence. My novel is not a religious novel. What genre it really is, is a question that has been puzzling me for some time now. It is definitely very far removed from my usual satirical fantasy, but not 100% exempt, I should say. At the NaNoWriMo site, I classified it as Historical Fiction, but it does not really fit there either. It is not about a certain period in history, nor many periods either. It is more a collection of glances at historical happenings, but it is not so much about the history, but the feelings of my main character as she experiences it. Then there is the element of portals and time-travel, which places it in the field of Science Fiction. And there is quite a lot of time-travelling. Every time I get bored of a particular scene, in fact. Then, lastly, the religious element. I prefer not to pertinently call it Christianity. Don’t get me wrong, I am and remain a Christian. But I want my novel to be more universal than that, therefore I do not want to name and pin it down. I would prefer to think of it as a Spiritual element in the novel.

So, there it is! What do you think? Which genre fits this thing the best?




Stuff I learned this time round:

  • The internest is your enemy.
  • As is Angry Birds and other people’s blogs.
  • I really shouldn’t read Harrypotterconfessions: it never stops at just one page. That probably means I should avoid Pinterest as well…
  • Oh, and just make that social networks in general.

  • is your friend. Especially if you’re like me and you need some incentive to start writing and stop procrastinating. Correction: make that hit over the head with a hammer before you start writing. Not a real hammer of course – an internet writing hammer. I don’t think I’d be able to write anything much after anyone had really wacked me one.
    It’s amazing how I can suddenly write with Dr Wicked blowing down my neck.

  • It is not easy to write exams and NaNo at the same time. Yes, yes, it is physically possible for me to type 1667 words in an hour. That is what I said at the beginning of the month. So that is all I’d need to take off from studying, right? Yeah.
    Sure, it is physically possible. But mentally? No, not usually. And how about procrastination-I-have-a-heap-of-blog-comments-and-emails-also-to-answer-in-that-hour wise? Nuh-uh. Not at all possible. Which means I waste hours in front of the computer, make everyone in the house mad, by just staring at the screen or by looking at fashion blogs and downloading new stuff, when I could have been studying.
    Just an hour? Yeah, sure.

  • Practise beforehand really helps. As you should know by now if you’re a stalker follower, I write daily on Which means, obviously, that I write 750 words every day of my life. I’ve written 250,000 words on there. Okay, since this month, a lot of that’s my novel… (I’m hitting 300 days in a row tomorrow!!! Open-mouthed smile Remember when I posted on how excited I was to get 200 days in row? No, probably not. But it feels so long ago!) Best habit I ever started. Yes, sure, most of it is private journaling and rambling, and story-writing takes up only 1% of my words over there. But the point is that you practise writing and typing. 750words has taught me that I can write 750 words in 15 minutes if I really type and ignore typos and punctuation. And most caps.
    Because writing is like running a marathon, you need to get fit beforehand. So, I am so used to writing 750 words by now, that writing that much of my novel is easy and fast every day. After that, it goes downhill at bit. I start getting like a runner who is out of breath and with a stitch in the side. However, at least I can write half my word count for the day easily, because I’m fit for that portion. And a good beginning is halfway to a win, right?

  • I’m not giving up yet. I’m far too stubborn for that. And I like my story. Even though I have run out of plot a few times now. The one time that happened, I just threw a rotting corpse in there. Well, it worked. It gave my story new life (no pun, or other silly innuendo intended). But I did give myself nightmares later that night. Correction: make it that morning. Well done, me. [Yes, I did just steal The Bloggess’s line.]


Anyhow, I write two exams tomorrow, so I should skedaddle now.



↑↑ Even though I don’t even halfway agree with the people who made this thing, they still deserve credit for making it, so go look at them if you’re a NaNoWriMo-hater too. Maybe you’ll find a friend. Smile with tongue out I could write a whole blog post on why I disagree with them, but instead I’ll just give a link. And another comic that reminded me of it (and made me read Pinterest again…).

12 reasons to ignore the naysayers: Do NaNoWriMo

I agree with every word in that article. NaNoWriMo gives me the freedom and the excuse to escape from the agonizing of my inner editor and just write. Editing comes later. Because if I don’t stop agonizing, then I will never finish anything. I won’t have time, if all my thoughts are occupied by the difference between “who” and “whom”.


Have you noticed? I’m so lame today, I’m posting other people’s pictures instead of my own. I think it is the first time ever!


Now I really am off!


6 responses

  1. Super awesome that you’re doing NaNoWriMo. This is the first year I haven’t done it since I first heard about it.

    I’m beginning to regret not writing a novel this year.

    November 21, 2011 at 07:29

    • Oh, that’s cool! I heard about it in 2009 and didn’t participate because of exams in November. Then I did it in 2010 (in July to avoid exams) and then this year I just decided ‘What the hell exams, I’m doing it anyway!’ 😉
      Haha, I’m already beginning to wonder whether I will able to do it next year! Even though I am hugely demotivated and miserable right now. Week Three blues… you probably know them well!

      November 21, 2011 at 20:16

      • You can’t let those third week doldrums get the best of you – week four will be worth it. At least from my experience, I think I typically write 40% of my novel in the last 8% of the month. Makes it exciting. I told myself I would skip NaNoWriMo this year to get the ball rolling on my blog, but I really haven’t written enough to justify not writing this year. Instead I have been napping, which my cat tells me is far more productive than actually writing our blog.

        Wise words from my cat, I’d say.

        November 21, 2011 at 21:14

      • Oh, I’m not giving up yet! Wow, now I’m not that far behind yet! And I won’t fall behind again if I can help it! I’d rather not have the excitement and be on par. 😉
        I’m just blogging about NaNoWriMo. Problem solved – I get to do both! 😉 In fact I’m writing a post at the moment about how week 3 is the worst. At least it’s over now and we can say hello to the homestretch!
        Ah cats… I think I’d like to join them in sleeping 16 hours a day…

        November 22, 2011 at 09:26

  2. Dinesh

    Nice blog the comic stuff i like very much…keep it up 😀

    December 16, 2011 at 10:47

    • Thank you, and I will! 😀

      December 16, 2011 at 16:01

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