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The annoyances of bus riding

Status update: Where did the week go to? It’s university recess and I didn’t even notice it because I was working procrastinating so hard!
Eating: –
Drinking: Chocolate milk.
Listening: “The Road” soundtrack ~ Mute Records. (It suits my mood.)
Reading: “The Pilgrim’s Progress“– John Bunyan. (Not that I’m making any progress at all. Smile with tongue out)


Hey guys!

So, before we get to today’s actual post, there are a few things I want to say first.

1.) Firstly, this week came with some milestones for this blog. The blog is now so close to 3000 hits that by the time most of you will read this, it will already have passed that. Now, I know it is petty and ridiculous to obsess over this, especially since I know there are blogs that get that in a day, but I promise I will stop after I have said this. I’m feeling very accomplished right now, because this is the most successful anything that I have started up on the internet has ever become. Well, except for the articles I write on wikiHow, the most popular of which has just over 89,000 views, but I must also point out in fairness that is almost 3 years old, whereas this blog is now only, what, four months? My previous blog only got a 1000 views after a year, and a lot of that came from clicks over here. I also used to run a website, and erm… that was even a bigger flop… So, maybe it’s third time lucky, hey? Thanks to everyone who is making it possible! Red heart

The blog also passed 100 comments this week. Okay, so half of them were my replies to people, but do you care? Winking smile

Okay… boring, show-off-y stats obsession over!


2.) Quite a few subscribers joined the bandwagon this week, so to everybody who’s new: welcome! Party smile 


3.) Thirdly, I would just like to ask you all to please bear with me. Over here it is a month before final exams… so this means it is crunch-time. Of course every lecturer thinks that he/she is alone in the world and therefore gives written assignments as if something such as “I already have three others to write” does not exist. And I have a lot of lecturers… = thus lots of work! See? I’m even beginning to type in class notes style! Smile with tongue out

So, what I actually want to say is that I don’t know if there is going to be a blog next week. Maybe only a little something small. We’ll see. I shouldn’t even be blogging right now, but I’m going crazy reading up on the theory of existentialism and it is so heavy and depressing! Okay, so that’s it: I just want you to know, just in case I disappear for three weeks, that I haven’t given up blogging! Smile


4.) Look! ↑ A numbered list! *ahem* Sorry… Embarrassed smile




Right! Today’s cartoon is about… the annoyances of riding on the bus.

I have to ride the bus home from university several days a week when there is no-one to pick me up, or I finish early or something. And I just wish I could drive myself, because… let’s just say the bus is not very trustworthy at the showing-up-and-not-breaking-down area. But I don’t have a car, or permission to drive either, so I am stuck with it for now. At least it is giving me lots of interesting stories to blog about. Sheesh, I have lots of bus-stories by now! Smile with tongue out

Now, basically everyone here will have no clue at all what my bus looks like. So here’s a picture of it:


No, it does not actually look like a loaf, that’s just my bad drawing skills. The colour is also only a maybe. I’ve learned by now that the bus can be basically any colour, except maybe pink or orange, but at least it is that colour quite often.

Right! Moving on… the look of the bus is not important – what is important to note is what it says on the front. Or, what is doesn’t say on the front, because, very often, the bus looks like this:


I suspect they do it to spite me, because the bus always gets me excited and then I jump up and think it is coming, and then when it is close enough to read the name, it is usually the wrong one. That’s when I get so annoyed that I will just board the wrong bus and walk an extra three k at the end, out of pure frustration.


The second annoying thing about waiting for the bus is sitting there at the bus stop…


… and realising that you need to go to the bathroom. You take out your watch…


… and start wondering if you have time to run there and back before the bus is due. This represents many conversations I’ve had with myself on that thrice-darned stop:

“I’ve got 10 minutes, do you think I can go that fast?”

“Of course, who takes that long?”

“No… there’ll be a queue and then I be late.”

“Don’t be silly, why now?”

“Why not? Besides, if I leave now, the bus will be early today.”

“You know it never is. You know it’s always late.”

“But today might be an exception…”

And so forth.


Usually I spend the entire time until the bus finally comes just debating with myself and then I still haven’t gone. Whoops…


Another annoying thing is the waiting itself:


I think this says everything there is to say about it. I look at my watch every two minutes; I stand up every minute to look down the road… and then that last watch depicted is still only a maybe. The worst feeling is when that last watch also passes and still no bus…


No, I tell a lie. The worst feeling is when…


Someone you know from class comes blaring by the stop in their arrogant little car, making certain that you notice them… And then they’re gone. And you are still stuck waiting for the bus. This feeling is of course amplified if the person driving is younger than you. It is moments such as this that leaves me green with jealousy, and wondering if anyone will mind if I just quickly excuse myself to go stab the bastard and return to the stop before the bus comes.


There are of course still many other annoying things about riding the bus, such as it being late every single day, but the day that you were talking to someone outside class and end up tardy, it will be on time. Or even early. Then you have to run your legs off and arrive at the stop just when it drives off again…

Poor legless, carless, you…


So, what about you? Do you have any qualms about riding the bus? Any horror stories? Or any little gremlins that annoy you so, so much? I could go on like this all day, but I have to end this post here and now.


Until next time then!


7 responses

  1. wastelandexplorer

    Glad I don’t have to go through that.

    October 8, 2011 at 20:14

    • Thank your lucky stars for that! 😉

      October 8, 2011 at 20:30

  2. The first time I ever rode a bus, a very large, very drunk man got on, sat across the aisle from me, and started swearing at all of the white girls on the bus and calling us white trash and other things I won’t repeat. I was sixteen. It scared the heck out of me.
    The second time I rode a bus, there happened to be a woman arguing with her invisible friend about a desk and water pipes and I don’t even know what else. And then there was the time that this lady yelled at me that I had her coat (I most certainly did not!). It seems like every time I ride a bus, someone crazy is on it and they gravitate towards me.
    But you know. It makes life more interesting.

    October 9, 2011 at 06:07

    • Oh my gosh! :-O I’m glad I’ve never had a problem with my fellow passengers like you! The worst was a grumpy schoolkid who had to move up to make space for me, and then apparently felt embarrassed to sit next to me… 😛
      Mostly my bus problems consists of it-never-shows-up and it-almost-breaks-down-halfway-sometimes. Oh, and the men at the bus stop sometimes make a nuisance of themselves, bleh!
      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

      October 9, 2011 at 16:13

      • When I went on a public (not school) bus, a drunk black guy got on somehow without paying or something (I couldn’t catch the whole story), and he was cursing and stuff until the bus driver had enough. She kicked him off the bus and called him an N. But since she was black too I guess it was okay. 😉

        May 23, 2012 at 20:39

      • I never rode school bus… if I write about buses, it is the public bus. I’m glad I never had any problems (except maybe people who were too eager to talk) with the other passengers. That sounds horrible!

        May 24, 2012 at 19:10

      • Ha, it simultaneously amused me and creeped me out. Either way it makes a good story.

        May 24, 2012 at 22:22

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