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I broke a promise today…

… the promise I made the day that I finished school that I am never going to wear a tie in my life again. Well. Today I went on a shopping trip and picked up a little bargain. In fact it was a kind of satiny scarf, but I, immediately on getting home, tied it like a tie around my neck and wore it like that for the rest of the day.

Now, you may be wondering why on earth I am rambling on about scarfs and that I may have worn a tie for the first time since finishing school. And the answer is because I did not finish the Harry Potter cartoon that I was working on in time. And if I do not post today, I will probably never get round to doing anything about it. So it will have to wait until sometime during the week. I hope it will be good one. And I also hope that it will finally be finished before all the excitement related to the final movie goes out of fashion. Else I will look like a behind-the-times-fool. Which I usually am. But anyway! Winking smile

So instead of the long awaited (not!) Harry Potter cartoon, you instead get this insignificant and facetious (Thanks to Mara for teaching me this word. I may have to put it in my blog header one day – I love it so much!) post about ties. Perhaps a rant too…


I seriously love yellow things. Especially when they are accessories. Now, along with the scarf, I own yellow earrings, two pairs of yellow shoes, yellow hair elastics, a yellow sweatband, and yellow hair bow. Somewhere anyway. It can’t be missing! Oh, and to go along it all this yellowness, I also own several yellow shirts. I think the only things that I do not like in yellow are nail polish and makeup. Oh, and banana-flavoured stuff, for they are also usually yellow. But I am rambling on again without rhyme or reason. Now you know why I can never finish a post when I am supposed to. I am here to talk about ties in school uniforms, not about “I like yellow”! Sarcastic smile


When I was in high school, a part of our school uniform in winter was a tie in the school colours. Yes, for girls too. I hated that thing. Apart from attempting to strangle me every day, it always hung in the sink when I tried to wash anything of me in the morning. And it always got dirty and stuck in things. And the hard-collared long-sleeved shirts that you wear with ties have never been synonymous with comfort. (I just spoiled my previous post of being a Grammar Nazi by starting so many sentences with “And”!) My tie had a rip it in courtesy of a cat, it was rather dull from all the dirt, and it was water-stained from all the times it fell in sink in the morning. Here it is (sans the rip, the dirt and stains):


Scarf 1

Oh joy!

Then, in the final year of high school, because we were seniors, we got new ties. These were no better in looks nor temperament, but the good news was that we had to wear them every day! The delights of that! Only in winter was bad enough, but the old ties never had the opportunity to experience the hate that we attributed to these new ties during the course of that year. Here it is:

Scarf 2

So this is what led to my promise to myself on the last day of school: Never in my life again am I going to wear a tie. This promise lasted nearly two years, in fairness to it. But today it was shattered. Now, I imagine you think that my new tie looks like this:

Scarf 3

No it doesn’t! Nothing as stiff-upperlipped as that. I may have conceded to wear a tie but I am never again conceding to being strangled by a dumb piece of cloth. I wore it a lot looser than school rules or my mother allowed during my school years.

Finally, the grand reveal!

Scarf photo

Hah! How can you not like it?

What is the conclusion of my rant on ties in school uniforms? Well, seeing that I never really got started on that, I can’t really draw any conclusions about it! Smile with tongue out All I am going to say about it is: ties in school was a great nuisance, and a greater pain. But at least it did not cause me any lasting scars! If only we could have worn school ties like in the above picture, I might have liked it. Especially if they were a satiny yellow!


Ah well, no rambling blog post can last forever, and I still have stuff to do. Like what? Well, sleep, definitely. And doing some homework. Oh, and finishing that Harry Potter cartoon. “If not now, then when?” And I have to work on a short story that will hopefully end up on here as well. (Too many “And’s” again!)



PS. This is how wearing my new scarf makes me feel:

Scarf 4

Excuse the lack of hands. Yes, I do have hands, but I am too lazy to draw them right now! Smile

5 responses

  1. Wow,its good to see how easily (so comfortably)you describes yourself(ur ideas).and this is one such article that i thoroughly read to the end,I miss my tie(my school days ).well i never learnt to make a good knot but i usually took care that it must be made by some1 (very)beautiful in my class.One more thing if i could have as better english as urs,i would have been writing Great articles or short passages or paragraphs or in whatever i could pour my heart…but i have little knowledge of english.I use to try rapping my life in words but i feel uncomfortable(thanks to lack of my knowldege ,words to describe myself,poor vocabulary and poor writing skills).someimes ideas and concepts just go through my mind but i cant pen them.I will wait for ur next article,I like this wordpress,this could be a way to share my world with outside world and show these people what my level of skill’s like(ha ha,rofl)There os one thing common between us..(at this point u may be thinking where i am going to…..)I START FROM SOMEWHERE AND END IT SOMEWHERE ELSE(or may be i am wrong)but i cant resist myself from sharing my thoughts here,its easy to do here,I guess i hae crossed my limits so better i should end this reply here ..Thanks for the articles but i thought you were goona post something else by the end of this weekend .may be u r not finished with that piece of writing.iI AM EAGERLY WAITING!HA HA

    July 24, 2011 at 04:59

    • You should have seen my early writing efforts, years ago. They didn’t even make sense! So yeah, I did not reach high standards overnight – it only comes this easily after years of practise.
      And I can’t tie a tie properly either, but luckily on scarfs it doesn’t matter. Of course, a problem with your tie is excellent for starting a conversation with someone in your class. In my eyes, that is about the only advantage to ties in school!
      Ah well, I ramble when writing all the time (it is practically my expertise) so I won’t blame anyone else for doing it.
      Yes, I’m not done writing the other piece. Because I ramble on about other things, so you’ll have to wait till next week! 🙂

      July 24, 2011 at 18:24

      • Alright one more week!and i hope my wait will be over,make ur upcoming more simple and spicy

        July 24, 2011 at 18:33

  2. The_Imp

    Right, so considering dat jy kon ramble in die blog, kan ek seker maar ramble in die comment. (My kop is te seer om meer sin te probeer maak. So watter sin jy uit die comment kan lees…whatever.)

    *cue the nostalgia* …UGH! *blinks a few seconds later* Ek miss regtig nie die dasse nie! 😀 Although the yellow das is ‘n baie cute accessory.

    First-ek like om sentences met “and” te begin! 😦 *wibbles* I know it’s wrong but…SO much fun! 😛

    Secondly-hoekom is ek so amused deur die blurry skool wapen op die das picture? 😉 Wel ek sien nogsteeds daai dasse omtrent elke dag, wat met Jakes wat dit elke dag skool toe moet dra! Maybe is dit die rede?

    Thirdly-About the scars thing. Tel EMOTIONAL scars? Because if they do I still have some scars left from my High School days! As for physical scars…ek dink ek het nogsteeds daai merk op my enkel van daai tou wat ons moes dra om ons voet as troffels. *cue dark muttering*

    Fourth-Harry Potter cartoon? Brilliant! Can’t wait to see it! >:3 Is dit soos daai ‘I will rise again’ joke? Of die ‘Knock knock’ een?!
    Yeeess…I kid. But I couldn’t resist! 🙂

    Laastens, ek mix so my twee tale! 😉 *fails at life*

    July 24, 2011 at 13:39

    • Yes, you always have the right to ramble! *hug* Ons was afterall experts met nonsens skryf in die skool. Now I make a life from it! 😉
      Yep, ek mis dit seriously nie. Although as ons dasse net soos daai serp kon lyk (selfs al sou dit seker marsmannetjie turkoois moes wees) sou dit sommer al baie beter gewees het! Minder verwurg, for one thing! I’m glad you like it! 😀
      Me too! It’s so fun to start 5 sentences in a row with “And”!
      I don’t know? Maybe because you’re in on the joke en weet actually hoe die dasse lyk met details en al? ‘)
      Of course! Emotional scars tel! Myne het darem nie gelast toe ek op uni gekom het nie! 🙂 OMIGOSH! Ek het ook nog ‘n merk op my enkel agv van daai stupid bottel! Ah well, oor 30 jaar gaan ons nostalgic raak oor ons matching scars! *joins you in dark muttering*
      Jy het al die storie gehoor wat ek nou illustrate in die HP-cartoon. I think… anders was dit Nadi! Going a lot farther back than the “I will rise again”-joke! Dis die storie van hoe ek die eerste een die eerste keer gelees het, en gedink het aan hoe scary Voldemort is, en toe maak ek ‘n fool van myself… 😉
      Moenie jou tale mix nie! Me is hypocrite, see above! 😉

      July 24, 2011 at 18:59

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